Your Choice – Your Reality

October 12, 2018 Delia Yeager

You are made for these times.

You are not made for holding things together, or for accepting things as they are, or for fixing everything in sight, or for making crap better.

You are not made to maintain, repair, justify, validate or generate someone else’s reality.

You are not made for healing, understanding, and nurturing, everyone – but you.

Nor are you meant to obliterate others for your benefit.

You are made for creating, constantly, and then creating more, different – adjusting.

Create and adjust. Create and adjust. Create and adjust.

That’s what energy does – it keeps changing.

That’s what life does – it keeps changing.

You are energy – in the cells and atoms of your body – and more than that.

Somebody else’s reality dictates that if they cannot see it in you, it does not exist.

That is crazy, and crazymaking.

It makes someone outside of you, someone you don’t even know, someone who has no inclination towards you in any way, the judge and jury of everything in your life. That right there is crazy making.

And if you resist it, you make it real – for you, as well as them.

If you collude with it, “Yea, I know they say that. I don’t believe it, but I’m going to act along with it because, well, I’m strong and it doesn’t hurt me at all.” Ooops! You just made their reality, yours.

If you reason or argue with them about it, you are validating their reality more than your own.

If you accept their reality, you are validating it into an aspect of your reality.

What reality are you fighting for or against that is making you crazy?

Against a reality that says you can’t? for a reality that says you can?

See how either way you keep validating an absurd question?

Absurd because – you are an infinite being, that’s had many lifetimes and many bodies and access to all the ancient and cutting-edge wisdom, awareness and everything you could possible ever dream of to know and be.

Yet you are wrestling with whether or not you can or can’t make more money than your bills, or travel more than anyone in your family, or go live on a ranch somewhere – whatever it is that you fear you cannot go/do/be.

Would in infinite being doubt?

No. YOU do not, but little body-mind-personality, does.

You know, deep down, the truth of your infinite Self.

But you also have 100 TV’s and a thousand radio stations going in your head all the time, talking smack most of the time.

Some of it sounds really reasonable, mature even.

But here’s a clue – unless it makes you feel energized, relaxed and unstoppable – there’s a lie in it.

If you feel drained, tired, helpless, hopeless, like fighting, angry, suppress, oppressed, numb, deadened, or apathetic – it is a lie.

A lie! Ha!

Yes -there are a LOT of LIES in the world and “conventional wisdom” especially, these days.

But you knew that.

Knew that, but can’t get a handle on getting all those TVs and radios in your head on the same channel.

What if you knew instead how to turn them all off?

Imagine having only your own Knowing, your own greatest good, your own Spirit, broadcasting in your head and in your life?

Feel how much easier everything gets? How much more doable?

If you have a history of “waiting for the other shoe to drop,” and/or being ready to get in trouble by who knows what, where, or when but it is inevitable… if you have lived by the wrath of others, or the system, the notion of living without any of that may seem farfetched, foreign, or even irresponsible, but I assure you – beyond your imagination does in fact and deed, exist.

And you can create it in your life.

You can create your life out past right or wrong, good or bad, out beyond what you have known so far in this body, this lifetime.

Ironically, or poetically, it is the squeeze of these times that inspire so many to pop out of the crazy-making reality and determined to find their own truth.

I learned a long time ago that the experience of being completely and utterly betrayed by convention and “normal” people and “normal” reality is really a blessing in disguise.

If “the system” works for you, if you are able to play the system and get some of your needs met, it has you. You are bought into the Matrix, literally and figuratively, and are invested in seeing it as reality, not as Matrix mind*uck. And the ways it doesn’t work for you, you have probably been making that your personal fault – if you just tried harder, worked longer, showed more faith, or whatever lie is that works on your insecurities.

This is how we collude with the system of controlling lies.

AND – there is life beyond it, altogether.

And you knew that, already.

There is a structure, a scaffolding on which this world as we know it exists, and if you try to find it and tear it down brick by brick, you will make yourself absolutely crazy.

But there is a completely Other Way available.

It is so simple; most people underestimate the potency because it is not as hard and painful as the world’s way. And it can be tricky to remember to do, over and over again.

Instead of navigating by good/bad, right/wrong, discernment and judgement – navigate by light and heavy.

Does this thought feed you? Or bleed you?

Does it give you energy? Or does it drain you?

Is it expansive, full of possibilities? Or does it close everything down?

You make something like 10,000 (totally made up number) of choices a day.

If you get conscious for 10 of them, and make those 10 choices by feed or bleed, light or heavy, you will in fact and deed, change and improve your life.

And if you make every choice throughout your day and life from feed or bleed, your life will be more awesome than you ever even imagined, faster than reason could justify!

The fastest way to regain your peace, thriving and sanity is to opt out of the crazy.

Not accept, not resist, not comply – simply navigate by feed or bleed.

This is the surest way to BE on Your Side, Now.

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