You’ll Get the Memo Later

December 26, 2017 Delia Yeager

You can think your way out to some borderline

That place of ideas or new perspectives

But all the geniuses say

New insights come when you least expect it.


In healing, it often happens that

Things shift; you can feel the

Energy move in your body but

Wordlessly and then

A flash of understanding comes to you

While in the shower or

When you least expect it.


It is easy to overlook the flash;

To change the flash to

Fit in with the

Same-old-same-old framework

But then you the major shift.


Instead, you can

Allow the shift to rock your world

To change everything, no matter what

Looks the same. And then

The whole world is changed

Because you changed your glasses.


You can think your way out to some borderline,

or you can allow the tesseract of healing

to fill you with new meaning.

I call this – getting the memo later.



Healing rocks. Heal yourself and you really do heal the world.

Delia Yeager 26/12/17

Being inBody