You Are The Magic

July 2, 2019 Delia Yeager

Remember a time – a moment, a period in your life – where you felt all a flutter inside, in excitement, knowing that anything truly is possible? The colors were brighter, the breeze and the trees and the streets, everything around you had a shimmer, a glow or a vibrancy that seemed to say it’s true – anything and everything truly is possible, and it’s all coming up roses for you and your life.

This moment may have lasted a while or it may have been fleeting. It may have happened once or it may have been sustained for a while.  You may have decided it was because of something – you were newly in love and the sex was fantastic, or you’d gotten that dream job, or moved into that fabulous place, or had gone to that amazing place.

But what’s the magical common element in the relationship or job or place?


You are the magical element.

You are an infinite being, made of stardust and millions of years of cosmic being and life experiences coming to this fun-house of Earth to play in the jungles of time and space to see what you can create with your friends, some of whom play enemies in this lifetime. Like Mind Craft and the movies, without a known time limit. You came here to have fun in the jungles of time and space to see what wonders you could create with your friends. Yes, fun.

Your infinite self intersects with your amazing body and the millions of years of ancestors loving you into being, living and dying  and suffering untold things, living long enough so their next generation could be born and passing on all their love and hopes, but also unknowingly passing on all their pain, suffering, unspeakable sadness, heartache, loss of faith, anger, hatred, spite, and more.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who have experienced deep depression, or spend their lives wrangling a fury they don’t understand, or trying to manage and minimize a fury they know the exact origins of, but never want to be seen as a victim so they don’t speak of it.

We’ve been given a picture like as a line on a single plane, like a sidewalk or a road, or railroad tracks. Sometimes we include the winding around and loop-de-loops that are often considered off the path, which we still think of as a straight line even though it never is.

But what we don’t even consider is the undulating ups and downs of the road as shifts in consciousness and conscious awareness.

The lower depts have to do with survival, competition, dog-eats-dog, where survival is the prime directive, and others are out to get or kill you, or your behavior can leave you alienated and alone to die if you don’t fall in line with and match the other people around you.

The higher planes have to do with seeing the big picture, being unaffected by the doings of others and their projections, judging nothing, allowing for everything, and being delighted by it all.

Often people start out by saying they want to live in the world of that higher plane, but they can’t do that untell they address this problem or that one.

Addressing the problem on its own terms is how we give our life-force energy and power to that very thing.

To not empower the very thing we consider The Problem takes – something different.

Doing it different – is always The Answer.

Thinking harder about something only turns that very thing into hardness, like thickening concrete.

Thinking about fantasy stuff keeps that thing in place by your re-acting against it, but still empowering it.

However, if you train your mind to see the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, to hear the life of the city or the country all around you, if you pat your sweet body, and give it the acknowledgment and attention it needs to be thriving; not to fit someone else’s picture of how your body should look or what your shape should be, but actually thriving in the way your body wants to.

Doing it different can be simple.

If you always speak up, try keeping quiet more often.

If you usually (never) speak up, start speaking up more often.

You can start small, and the more you do it different, and allow for a learning curve – because it won’t always be comfortable, it can sometimes produce results in the moment some might judge as a backfire or unpleasant, but if your goal is to get free of the cage you live it, then these experiments always produce results you can learn from, making what used to be forbidden or unthinkable is no longer a barrier of any kind, and you have freedom of choice for real.

This higher plane living is going on while other parts of you are still lower plane bound.

We are already living multidimensionally.

And, there are people who are raising their awareness, consciousness, and vibration and living on these higher planes while other people are still very much living in survival in part because this is a multidimensional playing field, planet Earth. There are many dimensions to live in here in the jungles of time and space on this amazing planet.

The faeries and leprechauns the nature sprites and the spirits of the ancestors of every culture are all living on their own dimension here, on-in-around planet Earth, who is herself a dynamic being and entity living her own reality.

If in every situation you find challenging in some way you ask yourself to get bigger and do it different, to respond to the situation differently, you’ll be activating the most powerful magician in your life -you.

Your choice is what actives your power – to create.

If you do these 2 things – ask yourself to get bigger, to allow for more than the usual Time-Warner version of what’s happening, and then do your life different in that moment – if you do this 3 times a day, you’ll start to change your course. If you do them every time things come up, you’ll be living a different life on a higher dimension faster than you can say as if by magic.

You ARE magic. Isn’t it time to play?