Year to Thrive – for You!

June 20, 2017 Delia Yeager

Hello you beautiful people!

I am so excited that you are here – truly! 

And I am delighted to introduce to you my newest and most exciting program.

You want to grow through and past the same-old-same-old limits, doubts, and challenges that have kept you in the same spot in one way or another for …. long enough.

You feel the energy shifting. You’ve noticed how you can’t keep going like nothings changing. You see the cracks in the world, in your life, in yourself, and you are committed to finding the training – and healing! – that helps you get out of your own way so the power and potency of your spirit self can bust though and become your normal, every day Self, like you are built to be.

You are ready to learn how to understand the sensations, emotions, and impulses that your body experiences, so you can take the actions that will get you the most and best thriving from every situation.

I’ve designed this program to get you the training mixed with the healings that you need, that make the most difference in your life, given the situations that come up for you in real time, at work, at home, in all your relationships with all the people, places and things in your life.

Whether you want to tame the anxiety that seems to just get more intense, know how to relieve the stress and tension in your neck and shoulders, how to clear your mind, how to know the difference between your energy and other’s, and how to clear that out of your space, to knowing how to manifest and invite the people, places and things to grow your business, increase your income, heal your relationship with money, with ease, with havingness, and reclaim your worth from all the twisted, wacky entanglements that keeps you from truly feeling and freeing You – spirit with this amazing body of yours!

Start out with a single session. See if this work is for you. If you feel the energy shifting, your body feels better, brighter, clearer headed, more energized and that’s the quality of life you want to experience everyday and the kind of support you want every week, let’s talk!

You know you can’t just wait anymore – you’ve got to get in the saddle, get in charge of your life in some new way(s). Book a session now, and if this is what you’re looking for, we can get started right away!


Your commitment to Your thriving can be the most important commitment to yourSelf that you have ever experienced.

You are more powerful than you know.

This Year of Thriving can be the year that you
– quadruple your income
– leave anxiety behind

– experience your power and good energy no matter who’s around
– enjoy more of everything, everyday
– experience the sensuous sweetness of living LIVE, every day
– enjoy receiving more love, money, possibilities and fun than you never even imagined possible
– experience that your true Soul Mate IS your body to your Spirit  

– travel more then ever before
– the year you start painting again
– get that book published
– heal those family relationships that have been so painful for so long    


This can be the year that You implement that dream-vision that You have been nurturing and pushing to the back burner for years.


This can be the year that You set yourSelf free, knowing how to heal yourSelf and how to stand by You, no matter what.


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