Your commitment to Your thriving can be the most important commitment to yourSelf that you have ever experienced.

You are more powerful than you know.

This Year of Thriving can be the year that you
– quadruple your income
– leave anxiety behind
– experience your power and good energy no matter who’s around
– enjoy more of everything, everyday
– experience the sensuous sweetness of living LIVE, every day
– enjoy receiving more love, money, possibilities and fun than you never even imagined possible
– travel more then ever before
– the year you start painting again
– get that book published
– heal those family relationships that have been so painful for so long
– experience that your true Soul Mate IS your body to your Spirit

This can be the year that You implement that dream-vision that You have been nurturing and pushing to the back burner for years.

This can be the year that You set yourSelf free, knowing how to heal yourSelf and how to stand by You, no matter what.

To accommodate a variety of situations, we’ve created different levels of this program. Look over the schedule and use water and paint thinner or roses to get clear about what level is the most joyful and awesome commitment that you are ready to make to your Life.

In each session you get:

  • Teleconference call MP3 following the session
  • Your own daily practice MP3 to listen to each morning and evening
  • Homework – things you can do each day to deepen, soothe, empower and excite your creativity and thriving
  • Writing practice – to support your inner-life as well as manifesting more people-places-things that you want to play with in your life
  • Techniques to use in real-time in your life: turbo charge-improving all your relationships, at home and at work, as if by magic
  • Improve your health, energy, befriend and be in charge of your emotions, instead of being a whim to them
  • Create more money, opportunities, a deeper sense of the fun of creating your life, no longer feeling a victim to your life

Once we talk and decide what program is perfect and most yummy for you, we’ll set up the appropriate invoicing and payment schedule.

Let’s do this!

Client Agreement/Terms of Use

Before purchasing a reading, coaching, training, course, class, music, book or digital files, please make sure you understand the terms of use. Your registration and/or purchase acts as your contractual agreement with the following:

  1. My work is spiritual and intuitive. It is NOT a substitute for medical, legal, financial or other specific professional advice. If you need this kind of assistance, please contact the appropriate professional.
  2. Please schedule mindfully; slots are limited and fill quickly. If you must reschedule a session, contact me at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, and you will be booked for the next possible slot. Please note: the wait to reschedule may be a week or so.


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