August 31, 2019 Delia Yeager

I love energy healing – changing the energy of the situation, creating something new instead of recreating the past disappointments, fears and supposed failures over and over again.

And I love working with such amazing people as yourself, who are looking and ready for the change, the dynamic living this way of being gives you.

I remember sitting in my studio, listening to my favorite music – singer-songwriters playing guitar or piano, with or without a band, singing of loss, longing, grief, unfairness-of-it-all, loneliness and the rest, when I was suddenly presented with a whole idea.

The first thought was to wonder if I had the capacity to be really happy? Could I be happy? And would I choose to be happy?

I thought of all the things I had against happy people – like the thing about if you’re happy, you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on, and my irritation back when I was in AA at people who talked about “happy, joyous & free,” and how all that seemed to me to invalidate the pain I had experienced, which translated to me as invalidating me since it turned out I totally identified with as my pain and past traumas. Happy people didn’t seem to have a clue, and also seemed to be telling me that my pain was my fault.

Was I willing to give all that up? That’s a lot of being right to let go of! All that helped me be right every day. I got to be right that people didn’t understand me. I got to be right that my pain was big and more real than me, and there was nothing I could do but suffer with it, or bear it. I got to be right about who wrong other people were, and I got to be right about how wrong I was, so it was a kind of win-win.

But in that sudden moment, I got it.

I would rather be happy and enjoy my life and even be nicer to me; to not have a brain that was beating me up all the time, if I could. I did not know how, other than that thinking was not how I was going to get there, but I did know that I wanted to get there, to that country I’d never been to, somehow.

I didn’t know, I only knew that I was going live that kinder, happier life.

This was immediately followed by the awareness that to get there, to make that true, I needed a different soundtrack for my life.

My beloved sad and soulful music was the music of my affinity to identify with and as my pain, and not my greatness; not my connection with Life and the All That Is. I had suddenly seen how being devoted to my version of my story of my life – that up until that point I hadn’t really realized was a version, I had thought it was The Truth, written in stone – wasn’t being loyal to me, it was being loyal to the pain and traumas I had experienced. I had conflated being loyal to me as being loyal to my post painful version of the events of my life.

In that moment all those years ago I got it – that I had, up until then, been weaving a story for myself, a life for myself that did not allow for real change, real redemption, real get-out-of-jail-free energy possibilities, and I also knew that I did not have to live that way anymore.

Within a week I found a teacher who knew about subtle energy and healing, and started taking classes and training. Thank goodness!

Now I have the privilege of working with you, supporting and training you how to free yourself from the jails you unwittingly sentenced yourself to live in, with energy healing tools and practices that you can use in your real-time daily life.

I am so friggin excited. I’ve got a new website about to roll out next week, plus a new program for soulopreneurs & small business owners, and a monthly membership program for group clearings & healings, a new Podcast starting next week, and more! I can’t wait to see what amazing stuff we can create together.

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I am so grateful you are here. What else is possible now?
Let’s find out!