Women’s Power – Women’s Healing – Now

March 25, 2017 Delia Yeager

Your Healing Changes the World

Private Life

When you go along with everyone else, no one gets the benefit of your experience, your point of view, your wisdom, your actual presence. Plenty of people will tell you that’s best, but many of us want you to be all here, all now, to be the dynamic creative force that you are by nature, and that’s true whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

The world is full of a few men telling us what to think and say and do, especially about women and girls.

The world has been telling you to be good – to be a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, a good employee, a good mother, etc.

And by good they mean supportive, nurturing, a healing presence, helpful, a good nurse, cook, cleaner, chauffeur, care-taker, house keeper, assistance, servant, barista.

All the roles and positions you are programmed to be good at are supporting roles.

But the world needs you to be the leader that you innately are.

Not because you just flipped which role to play, from under to over, from assistant to manager, from oppressed to oppressor. Not to just take on the leadership styles of oppression and manipulation that have been the predominant ways of doing things in the past 3,000 years of biased conqueror’s “his stories”. 

One thing having done thousands of past life readings has shown is that there are thousands of cultures in the past 3,000 years that bear not resemblance to the domination template that fills recorded history.

So much of the programming of who and what you are, what you are here for and your purpose has to do with controlling and subjugating you, dressed in love and being of service, community building and all manner of manipulation.

You want to be loved, and to be surrounded by people that you love, and who love you too. You want to do and care for those that you love, and build a life you can all thrive in and benefit from. This is your nature.

But too often that nature has been bastardized into doing for others what they can clearly do for themselves, competition to see who is better or worse in some way, hiding your needs and tricking others into meeting them, as well as expecting to be on the receiving end of that behavior and other, even less respectful ways of dealing with each other and our own selves.

Public Life

Women’s bodies are more powerful than men’s bodies.

The male culture resents that women’s bodies can make another human being, and bastardizes the myriad of points of view and feelings that brings up and has codified all that confusion into a denial of and loathing for women’s power,  so it uses male standards of measurements to prove its point by saying women are weaker – on the bench press? – then men.

A male body is built for certain tasks and capacities, and a woman’s body is built for certain tasks and capacities, but most of the definitions and meanings are based on transient cultural biases and interpretations.

In the era of dominance and oppression, the past 3,000 years let’s say, every aspect of culture and thinking in the dominant “western mind” strain of evolution and culture has been shaped by and for the comfort of the male body. 

Your voice is judged as good or bad by how the sounds are received by a male body.

Your looks are judged as good or bad by now sexually appealing you are to not just a male body but a very specific part of a male body.

Your value to society is based on how your contribution or presence makes the male bodies feel.

If you are good at the things that male’s bodies value, their providence, like counting and making money, then you may be considered valuable – as long as you defer to at least one male as the provider of all that’s good in you and taught you everything you know, like Ivanka Trump.

But if you are better at things than the males around you, you may just as easily be considered a distraction, a bitch, an outsider, taking unfair advantage of a situation or vilified like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

Disney had no problem with pimping Miley Cyrus’s looks and sexualizing her from childhood for their profit, but when she took charge of her own image and marketing, she was slut shammed and vilified for simply modeling and exaggerating what had been done to her for years. Like all who have been used by the system, she turned the mirror on them, and they made her out to be the wrong-doer, still refusing to see their part.

Conventional wisdom is that you should work for less money because you aren’t the main bread-winner (even when you are) sooner or later you will – or should – have a man who will provide for you and your kids, and besides, every dollar you are paid takes a job away from some white man who needs that job so he can support his family and other Manifest Destiny that keeps everyone else down.

So much to clear here! So much power for you to reclaim as your own!

What the world needs now is You.

To navigate the awakening that hermanity is undergoing, this spiritual ascension that is happening now, all of us – shemales as well as males – need to leave the bastardized stories and programming of who we are, what’s possible and where we want to grow-go, behind.

The more you heal yourself, the more you will respond, act and create in your life and the world.

The more you are creating from joy and desire than from survival, the more joy and satisfaction there is in the world.

The more you are carrying that energy into the world, the more other people see that as possible, and feel permission to want more joy and satisfaction in their own life.

The more you are experiencing life’s challenges as the exact gift you need to build the spiritual muscles that you will need to grow beyond what you thought possible, the more other’s see and learn that the Universe is not some punishing parent but a frisky friend what is constantly conspiring with your higher self for your growing capacity for ease, joy and Oneness with your Infinite Self.

What if your having a luscious life of money, friends, love, fun, creativity, travel, peace and joy contributes greatly to all of humanity, instead of the lie that it costs someone else something?

What if your being at ease, with a sense of everything always working out in your favor, because now you can see that has always been true in your life, even in those stories that used to prove how wronged/broken/lost/loser you were?

What if you could honestly redeem every broken, wounded thing that every happened in your life, to turn it into the most empowering, beautiful part of your story now?

It’s Time – Now – for You to Thrive & Shine

Being you and loving up on Life.

This program is for you if you are ready to break open, because you’re done with breakdown-breakthrough.

You want to go to bed smiling and wake up laughing
You want to know how to handle yourself in challenging situations with authorities, frienemies, family members and guilt-trippers
You want to be able – have the ability to be happy, empowered, have plenty of money-love-travel-fun-peace and joy; more than you dared imagine is possible
You want to leave survival behind and get comfortable with thriving

Start with 6 private Healing and Training sessions and get:

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– Improve the quality of your relationships with loved ones and even antagonists
– A daily writing practice to support your inner life and outer thriving
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