November 26, 2016 Delia Yeager

Many of you have told me that you feel the stress, pressure, urgency deeply in your body, and that you want to calm it down, to feel better, to go with the flow.

What if you are meant to turn it UP, not down, at this moment in your life?

What if it is by divine decree or WOKE-ness consciousness that you are so full of this energy now?

I know a lot of people who have refined several self-soothing systems over the decades specifically so they don’t feel this fire under them.

But what if now IS the time to get going, dig deep, take off and get after it, even before you know exactly what the plan is?

And what if the election and Standing Rock and all the other active fires on the planet are the consciousness of the Earth and the Cosmos turning up the volume-heat-intensity for the purpose of inspiring you to get off your butt and BE who you came here to BE in the world at this time?!

One of the biggest lies people have bought over the years (especially women and people who are not WASP-males) is that what you do-feel-think-say doesn’t matter.

That the only leadership that matters is the ones in the news or on TV or in the paper;
That you can’t be a leader unless you are elected to something, and others confer the title upon you;
That you must be an extroverted person in a position of public power to be a leader, or you’re just a looser with delusions of grandeur

What if all of that is part of the bullshit that is falling apart now, by the weight of its own lies of supposed order, aka the Patriarchy.

You want a world order that includes everyone, that serves the greatest good of all, that nurtures and supports the greatness of everyone.  You want a world where every day, common people are valued, make their contributions, and are appreciated, kids get to be safe and unmolested with a million chances to thrive and grow and learn, naturally.

You want a world that is fair and full of equal opportunities and a level playing field for all.

When you look out into the world and see the horrible, unlawful, despotic people and things that are happening, be curious about how you are being an absolute terror of intolerance to yourself, and/or your loved ones. Don’t just it, but in the moment, chose to be different, think and define things differently than that.

When you do that thing, you know – that thing you keep promising yourself that you will never do again? When you do that thing again, can you commit now to making that the opportunity to ask, “Can I love myself anyway?” and always, always make the answer, “Yes!”

When you think about stepping up and getting the assistance that you need to make this ginormous C-change in your life, turning your life around 180 degrees from defeat, fear, distraction, and frustration to thriving, successes, exhilaration, focus and great momentum, don’t believe the lie that says your healing, growth, thriving is “an elective,” and not as valuable or important as the things your father/mother/teacher/spouse will say are important.

Stop using your life to prove and validate their points of view and definitions of what is possible in life.

On my list of things that I am see as empowering spiritual purpose of this election and all is that if HRC had been elected as normal, so many individuals would not have awaken to their personal call to action. The world is on fire and this is YOUR call to action, which is much more empowering and true than the, “good guys are in office, I don’t need to do anything about how our society works,” mentality.

People on FB are encouraging, demonstrating and teaching each other what standing up and being an active force for good looks like, whether it is everyone in the shop defending a woman who was harassed by a faux-America bigot, or speaking up to abusive talk by citizen that feels entitled to be a misogynistic bully because their candidate won.

You want to create the kind of world that you want your kids and grandkids to flourish in, and you had best start looking at how you can grow out of abusing and berating yourself for your humanity, and how to be kind enough with yourself to allow yourself the time and space to learn new things, instead of blindly expecting you do things perfectly though you’ve never actually done them before.

It’s time to get serious about your own luscious living, your own healing-growing-thriving, your own inner and outer peace and joy.

If you are ready to flourish, start spending time being aware of all the great support your body gets from the Universe every day.

And if you are ready for the guidance and assistance that your C-Change requires, cuz you don’t just think your way there, give me a call. We’ll design a Spiritual Living Program just for you.

Meanwhile, instead of always squelching your own energies, ask:

– what is right about this, that when I can perceive that, it will change everything dynamically?
– what can I do-think-be today that will transform everything as if by magic?
– if my thriving truly was important and valuable to me, what would I be doing differently now?


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