September 9, 2014 Delia Yeager

I’m always talking about Own Your Space, Own Your Space. Maybe you’d like to hear it a different way.

What if over 90% of the thoughts that occupy you – your focus, mind, brain-power, planning and life-force energies – aren’t even your thoughts? Not your own thoughts but the thoughts you are stimulated to think, like Madison Avenue stimulates the Hole That Is No Fillable that gets people to feel lacking, less then, and in need of this or that purchase to make them happy.

What if over 90% of the feelings that occupy you – anger, fear, jealousy, insecurity, ecstasy – aren’t yours either? Not your emotions but the sensations and emotions you expect yourself to have, based on thousands of hours and images of TV, movies, conversations, ads, books, stories, watching other people living or in media, plus all the other external stimuli that actually is meant to control you.

So what if 90% of your life-force energies are occupied and entangled with people, places and things that aren’t really that important to you? Not that you are wrong or uncaring, but that all this energy that is occupying you is stimulating your and occupying you in things that aren’t really your business, leaving the things that ARE your business neglected, abandoned and forgotten?

Sound familiar? Getting so upset you can’t sleep at night – about something that is not your career, your direct responsibility, in your power to do anything about beyond 15 minutes here to write to congress person or the 5 minutes it takes to sign a petition; yet you spend hours, days and weeks emotionally and intellectually churned up and bleeding energetically – about something you cannot take direct action in present time to change. This is one of the most effective diversionary tactics there is. And it is one of the very powerful, frequently employed hooks in play these days.

Now, imagine having a daily energy practice that helps you be aware of what your energy feels like, so that you can tell when the energy-thoughts-emotions that are running you are not even your own.

Imagine having a do-able thing – as pragmatic as lifting weights or spinning at the gym – that is like taking an energy shower every day that clears out other people’s energies, those that you know about as well as those that you don’t.

Imagine being able to get the grime and numbing grayness out of your head, heart and body, so you can become and experience more and more of your very own life-force energy and vitality.

That’s what comes of Owning Your Space. You learn the energy processes to actually Occupy You.

If you are ready to Occupy You, let’s get started.  You need you Now, more than ever!

Occupy You