Which When Are You In? Get Into The Point of Most Power – Now!

July 6, 2019 Delia Yeager

Hello Sweetness!

Normally, people go through the day from one thing to the next, dealing with carpool or work deadlines, traffic, what to eat and when, and everyday things of living.

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And normally, people spend most of the day going through the motions of carpool and deadlines, but in the things they say in their head – there is an awful lot of future tripping and past comparisons going on.

When you’re thinking about tomorrow or next week, or when the kids go to college, you’re future tripping.

When you’re thinking about the past, remember how it should be, or should have been, or how great or horrible back then was, you’re spending time in the past.

Spending your mental energy, thoughts, planning energy on the future too much, your body will let you know by its being anxious. You’ll feel anxious, fretful, anticipating trouble even. This affects your biochemistry, your digestion, the peptides that run through your system, your brain chemistry, your heart rate and breathing shallow and even high blood pressure.  These are all signs of spending too much time thinking and projecting problems and failures onto the future, and you’ll notice that you are constantly finding fault with how things are in present time, and feel hopeless/helpless.

Spending too much of your mental energy and thoughts on the past, remembering the old days or of past lives and calling it fantasy, constantly comparing today with the past and today can never match or exceed the past, your body will let you know that as well. You’ll feel sad, longing, blue, agitated, frustrated, unhappy with everything now because it is not how it was back then. You don’t have to like back then to be doing this, and you’ll be constantly finding fault with how things are in present time, and feel hopeless/helpless.

You can be serious about all this, get down on yourself when you notice yourself future tripping or wallowing in the past, but I recommend another approach.

Be On Your Side and choose to be in Present Time.

Amusement is the highest healing vibration! Use it to your advantage!

Every day ask and seek to spend the day giggling and in DE-LIGHT!

When you notice that you are anxious, use today’s date and repeat is over a few times while rubbing your arms or legs in a companionable and soothing way, along with Good Body! and invite all your attention to be in Present Time, right here, right now.

Notice 5 things you can see right now… 4 sounds you can hear, 3 things you can touch, see if you can taste anything and what you can smell. Focus on this room, this car, this metro/bus/airplane/office or wherever you are and list what’s here to bring all of you back to here. And invite all the parts of you that you don’t even know about to come and be right here, right now, in Present time.

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Sunday at 5:00 pm Eastern – 2:00 pm Pacific.

Registration is simple – just send me an email to delia@deliayeager.net.

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I am So grateful you are here!