Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

February 18, 2017 Delia Yeager

Seems like an easy question maybe.

Friends, family, love, doing good in the world – things like that usually.

Before you go on reading, write your own list of where your loyalties lie. 

Okay, now, without judging yourself or your list, where are you on that list?

Self-love tends to be tinged – or suffocated – with judgment as bad, selfish, immature, indulgent, and costly to those around that person.

But that model confuses self-love with immature, indulgent narcissisms, which is not self-love at all.

Self-love, self-care, and self-loyalty are all necessary for you to carry out your vision, manifest your dreams, and create the life you want for yourself.

They are all navigational tools that help you know where to grow, with direction to go, and whether something is the right or wrong thing for you to do.

Loyalty to you tends to fall off the list of what’s important because caring for others is culturally more approved of – especially for women – and valued more highly than self-care.

Loyalty to your father-boyfriend-husband-boss-company is the cultural norm. Then you fit your friends, sisters, mother in here and there as these other loyalties allow.  That’s the norm.

This may sound old fashioned, but it is all more alive in the collective hard-wiring than we care to admit.

The times are a’changin but slower in some areas than in others.

What keeps you from learning how to be the Sovereign on your life – body, money, time, creativity, healing capacities and everything?

What is more important, more valuable than your Sovereignty?

Who other than you should be sovereign over your life – body, money, time, creativity, healing capacities and everything?

Sure, the top answer from your analyzer is probably, “No one! I am the sovereign of myself!”

But just look at what you are – and are not – creating in your life.

That shows you what you are permitting and not permitting into your life.

Many people are structured to put others before them to look kind and live by the “better to give than receive,” lie that is so common. But ask your body/sensations/images/thoughts that float up from within, what is underneath that for you?

Often times it is hard to see because there’s so much judgment of “good and bad, right and wrong,” about every little thing.

But if your loyalty is to what is true for you, and not a question of positive/negative, good/bad, you will find out much more valuable information about how you really tick.

Being loyal to you required releasing other loyalties that may have helped in the past, but now simply hold you back and down.

The more you switch your loyalty to your highest self and greatest good, the more your life can flow with all that great diving timing, happy coincidence, and things “just dropping into my lap,” as the daily norm.

The more you switch your loyalty to your highest self and greatest good, the more fun you will have. That will mean that you must give up your loyalty to seriousness, proving your worth through gravitas, give up on the competition of who’s ____er (richer, smarter, better educated, skinnier, more spiritual) than whom.

If you are not aligned to your highest self and greatest good, you will be a tool for others to manifest their vision, their desires, their plan.

You are meant to be first and foremost loyal to your Higher Self – You, the Spirit, the Infinite Being that breathes life, animation, and purpose into your body-mind-self.

People often talk about wanting to be in service to a greater good, but what about your own spiritual greater good?

Try this at home.

Put your arms out to the left and right of you, like the Vitruvian Man. 

Extend your fingers, and imagine each of your fingers sending out shoots, energy cords of loyalty to your friends, family, boss, company, etc.

Notice how you are now bound across and out from your, like battery out with circuits to a lot of other people and projects.

With all your energies extended out to others and their projects, you have nothing free and available to plug into and connect to your own higher self, visions, creative projects, dreams, and purpose for being here.

Stop buying into the lie that you are meant to be the battery pack for everyone else and all that they want to manifest in the world.

Stop agreeing that your sole worth is what others can get out of you; how they can personally benefit from your luscious life force energy.

Stop de-valuing you, while using all your life-force and energy to empower others.

Not only is it a drain that debilitates you, it is perpetrating a lie that they aren’t higher powered too.

I’m not saying that you won’t be co-operating in creating things with other people; I am saying that they more you live from your loyalty to your sovereignty and experience how potent and powerful a way that is to life, the less you buy into your and others bs they you/they can’t, and you’re/they’re too weak to make a difference, and that the individual really isn’t as capable as the corporation/institution/outer authority.

Standing By You is the paradigm shift you’ve been waiting for. Don’t wait any more.

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No matter what, I invite you to start living in allegiance and loyalty to your highest self and greatest good, and notice what a difference that makes.
You light up your world, especially when you are on your side, using your considerable capacities to create what only you can create this lifetime, and I am so honored to work with you. I am do glad you are here!

How does it get any better than this – being in Infinite spirit with this fabulous body that you have? and – you get to be you, all day long – how cool is that?


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