What’s Your Default? (and Help, Please!)

January 5, 2017 Delia Yeager

Have you every noticed what your default status is?

Here’s what I mean.

I was talking with a friend about this really amazing thing that I’ve manifested and I am so over the moon thrilled about. I’ll tell you that part in a minute.

So I’m telling my friend this cool thing that’s coming up and she says, “that’s great!” and immediately follows that up with how this new bad thing happened and how you just have to be vigilant.

The energy to shut me down was so swift and immediate, and covered by a smile and seeming congratulations so much so that I went through the motions before my brain could catch up with it all, but my awareness did not miss a single beat of any of it.

This woman has every right to see things and be as she is, but the swiftness to reset to bummer was automatic.

So the news I am so excited about is that not only is my sister coming for the Women’s March – Yay!!! – but I just found out that we are going to attend the Peace Ball on 1/19/17 – Obama’s last day in office! And it is being held at the fabulous new National Museum of African American Art and Culture, which just opened in September and is – amazing.

Whether she was jealous or whatever, this is not the first time that it
has been blatantly clear that it is not okay to be light, happy, joyful or
anything other than a little down, bitchy and depressed, or you’re not
taking things seriously enough, or some such.

Some people default to fear, some to anger, some to serious.
And some people to JOY!

I can’t remember all the great minds that had pointed this out but, if
you aren’t amazed and in wonder about all that goes on in this life,
including the craziness, you’re not paying attention.

When you are no longer asleep, numb and crazed yourself you cannot
help but notice the nutty that is Life, especially these days.

And I cannot help from down inside the trap. No one can.

A healer pal and I were talking yesterday, laughing at how the Problem Solving craze of the past 30 or so years is a lot like the “war on drugs” – it has certainly created a lot more problems to occupy our time, attention and money! Just like the “war on drugs” has certainly incarcerated millions of people the law-and-order-types never did like.

Here’s the deal – these are serious times, and serious times are no time to get too serious!

2017 is the Year for all of life, money, love, health, wealth and unlimited possibilities to come to you – each day! – with ease, joy and glory! As long as that’s what you keep your focus on, and keep choosing, 10,000 times a day.

I’ve been whipping up some incredibly potent and delightful workshops and mini-courses to assist you in that, and I will be posting them later this weekend.

And in the mean time, while I am brewing up these fabulous choices for you, do me a favor? Send me an email with your answer to this question:

  • What are the top 3 things you want to fix and/or have and/or manifest in your life this year?
  • What course/workshop would you most want me to present in the next 6 weeks to help you get there?

Hey, if I can go to an actual, not pretend, Inauguration Ball, in Washington DC – A Peace Ball; Voices of Hope & Resistance at such a crucial time – something so beyond anything I’ve ever thought of that I never even imagined it – anything can happen! This IS the year for it!

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