September 18, 2016 Delia Yeager

Hello Lovelies. (Link below is fixed now! Sorry about that! xo)

Everyone has so much going on these days, with harvests and getting the kids back to school, starting and ending projects for yourself, your business, and so many other changes.

I’m right in there with you, too.

I’m reminded of the first time someone asked me what I wanted.

It was my first spiritual teacher. He was asking everyone in the room, one by one.

I got antsy the first time I heard the question.
My legs stared twitching.
My feet got actually itchy.
I wanted to run, and I was never an athlete.
I wanted to run away from that room, him, and that question, as far as I possibly could.

But I stayed put. I stayed put and jiggled my legs, sitting on my hands; everything I could think of to do to stay put.

What I knew in that moment was 100,000 things of what I didn’t want; what I’d never wanted and that I had lived with for too long.

Now when I hear that question, I use it as an opportunity to open up to the question, and be curious – what do I want, now?

Now is so different from other times, yet what we deeply want doesn’t change.

Love. Peace. Health. Self-respect. Enough money and power to create our modest, reasonable dreams of freedom.

But here’s the thing – our modest, reasonable dreams are full of limits and other people’s ideas, judgments, conclusions, our own as well as other peoples, all of which keeps all that crap in place.

Plus, it’s boring.

As an infinite being, what’s fun for you is just a little bit past what you think is possible, because that’s where the stretch is.
You have to go for your true heart’s desire, because anything less is a bore.  😉

I want to help you get there.

I am redesigning some programs, both sort term and long term, and I really want them to fit you and your growth + needs at this time perfectly.

So, I am asking you – what do you want? 

Maybe you want to be able to enjoy the kids, the shuttling back and forth and the hubby a little more and feel a little less… harried.

Maybe you want to be more at peace with the changes in your family, the one you’re raising as well as the one you were born from. Being sandwiched by taking care of 2 generations is a squeeze as well as an honor. ‘

Maybe you are wondering where your next job or career should be, or what it should be.

Maybe you are considering some change in your primary relationship status, and need a little clarity.

Maybe you’ve chose the path of the spiritual activist, and need some support in balancing and thriving through this election season.

What is is that you want? Ultimately?

And what can I do that will help you get that in your life?

Big or small,  having to do with declaring what you truly want to the Universe and using this as the excuse to write it all down, to get your commitment to your creations down for yourself, or if you know of what kind of package you’d love to engage in with me, and what price you would love to pay for it, I’d really love to hear from you.

None of us can do this alone. 

So many of us think we are supposed to be able to do everything like a pro.
Supposed to manage your books and money like a CPA, manage your kids like a PhD, manage your parents like a Reverend AND a PhD, manage your primary relationship like a siren and Solomon all in one.

My mom used to say, “You aren’t the 4th member of the Trinity.” Good Irish Catholic lass that she was.

Okay – let me correct myself there. You – the Infinite You, the Spirit – really ARE the 4th member of the Trinity, but not your body-personality that’s always “trying harder, and thinking harder, and being harder on your (little) self.” – Thanks, Kate! xoxoxo

The vulnerability in us is a big part of what makes us so unique, so fabulous and so deeply lovable.  (Even though you are totally lovable just by being you, but it is an expression.)

As a Special Thank you for participating in this, here is a Special offer, good through Friday,  September 23rd.  

Be. You. Now.  
I work with people who are committed to their own well-being and thriving, now.


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