What IS Magic?

December 11, 2018 Delia Yeager

When I was a kid,  I thought magic was like Merlin and Glenda-the-Good-witch, the books and stories of long ago and far away.

As I got older, TV told me what magic looked like – Samantha and her family on Bewitched were exactly the gold standard of what magic meant.

Then Richard Bach came out with his book, Illusions, and I was sure that was IT.  I was certain that what he described with Donald Shimoda to be possible and even the truth about our nature, even if I could not explain it to anyone, much less a skeptic, so I didn’t try.

My understanding of magic has evolved over time to include many things that are deemed not noteworthy such as coincidences, or serendipity or happy accidents. All of these words have some degree of charm, but they all invalidate the magic of whatever just happened.

I have deduced the current meaning of magic to adults. When not use the word to mean fantasy, immature, or delusional, they it’s usually meant to mean impossible.

However, I have a different definition for Magic.

Magic is whatever that goes on that can’t be explained by logic, or the templates allowed for “what is possible.”

Magic is you being you, and not someone else.

Magic is the love you have for friends and family and the world.

Magic is the love you have for yourself, once you truly know you.

Magic is what once was a problem, no longer is.

I come across potent magic every day of my life.

When I do energy healings with people, and I move the energy out of their system and their body spontaneously burps in relief as their power comes back to them,  or their face turns from a frown to a smile – as if by magic – I see it every day in other people, and within myself.

Reading books is magic. It is magic to be able to read, but how do you do it? When and how do letters go from shapes to meaning for you? For anyone?

And you read more than letters.  You read people, voices, body-language and call it being observant or perceptive.

You can learn to read you, as well.

Did you know that every sensation, thought, memory, idea and creative imagining that happens inside your head and body is a message for you, to help you to navigate your day and your life?

That’s how we are designed.

But, we have a LOT of misinformation, misinterpretations, and other people’s energy in the way, gumming up the works.

You can learn how things to do along with the intention to stop sponging up other people’s energy and techniques for a practice/habit of returning energies back to others.

You may be taking on other people’s energies all day long unconsciously, and when you start using the techniques, like “return to sender with consciousness,”consciously, with practice THAT will be come your New Normal, after a period of consciously choosing the new path.

You are an exquisite design of a physical body-suit for your infinite spirit higher-self to walk and talk your way into and through the world.

When you start operating that way, everything gets easier.

Making decision is easier. Choosing what to do next is much easier.

Your blood pressure can stabilize, you can feel more calm more often, sleep better, wake up smiling, laugh at cloud formations as you walk the dog. You can enjoy the moment of your life now, instead of ignoring everything until …. (some ill-defined goal post constantly changing and in the future)

Just for today, in this very moment in fact, look up from reading this, and see 5 things that you like, such as trees or sky or skyline, clouds or the color of the wall or the light coming in through the window, the painting on the wall, or the color of your nail polish, or the look of the appliances in your kitchen, or the fact that you have appliances, or a kitchen. Where ever you are, see 5 things that you like and are grateful for, and take a moment to send a mental energy, “That You!” to the thing you see and the Universe for that things existence.

Notice how yummy-magic it feels to see something and feel appreciation for it? Spending time in that energy IS very potent, and magnetic.

The more you are listening to and understanding the messages of your own magic system and body, the more you will live in that lovely energy of appreciation and gratitude, generation more and more to feel that appreciation and energy about.

Start today, and if you are interested in the 1 : 1 training, to help you operate and thrive this way everyday, let me know. Check out the Shop for more info about private sessions.

In the meantime – have a magical day.


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