What if You Really Had Your Back?

February 15, 2017 Delia Yeager

In my life as a sensitive and clairvoyant, I have spent an incredible amount of time concerned with how other people saw me, what they thought of me, spoken and unspoken, and how they evaluated me.

I spent so much of my spidey sense, brain time and energy on this that it took a long time of clearing and owning my space to realize how deeply ingrained it was. It is still one of my body’s go-to things to do in certain situations.

For many of us, survival by the pity or affection of others has been ingrained over many years, and even many lifetimes.

It’s mostly subconscious, visceral; code buried deep in the operating system, so deep it happens before even a knee-jerk reaction.

It was genius when you came up with it, and it worked for a long time.

But now it is costing you, on a daily basis.

It’s like a pair of contacts you don’t even know you have on that says that you are not enough, and you cannot survive without the kindness of others, and that you must manipulate yourself every which way to get those others to like you, or at least pity you enough to keep you around.

And that level of commitment to self-manipulation shreds your credibility and trust within your relationship with yourself.

This unconscious level of dependence upon others goes hand in hand with what’s often called Abandonment Issues.

We are told it is being abandoned by others that is our motivating fear, but the coping pattern requires such a deep level of self-manipulation, we have abandoned ourselves before we even know it, acting out and proving that we are not worthy, are no capable of being enough, cannot do anything helpful and are indeed help-less. The strategy built on lies proves itself to be true.

Usually we are not consciously aware this is what is going on, but if you want to truly support and liberate yourself from any of these influences, known or unknown, here are some choices you can use.

    I am an infinite being, and I have this amazing body with all its intelligences, & more
The Universe is on my side.
Time is on my side.
Money is on my side.
I choose to be on my side.

You currently make let’s say 10,000 choices a day, mostly unconsciously.

If you start making these choices and statements and repeat them many times a day, you will be changing the course of your reality, into easier relationships with yourself, time, the Universe, money and your spirit/body selves. How great is that?!

Now… imagine what it would feel like to be fully in your skin, without judging, withholding affection or credit; without holding yourself back, or down, or out of the game of your living, completely free to thrive?

Imagine what you could be spending all that time an energy on, now that you aren’t holding yourself down and back all the time….

Imagine how that kind of support for yourself might feel… to be fully On Your Side. To have your back, 100%. To completely and absolutely trust your senses, your perceptions, your awareness, not because you are delusional like some politicians, but because of your integrity. Because you’ve taking the time in invest in your healing, recalibrating your senses and definitions to your truth; what works for you and helps you thrive.

Imagine how much support an actress has, for instance. She’s got hair, makeup, diction, acting, pilates, yoga, success coaches and teachers all around, provided by the studio as well as the ones she can hire for herself.  It is all those people’s jobs to bring all their years of professional training and experience to that actress for her sole and soul success.

When she does something wrong, she is not ridiculed or belittled – she is instructed, supported, assisted and educated on what when wrong as well as what is in her power to correct.

She is investing in her greatness and empowered by the people of deep knowledge and awareness in areas she wants to grow.

Why would anyone expect themselves to achieve in areas without such training, education, and support?

Why do you invalidate your capacities and potential by expecting yourself to be proficient at things you lack the new and correct information for?

It’s a nasty cultural assumption that needs breaking. Now.

         “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

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These are potent times that we are living in. Thank you for being YOU in the world.

Your healing matters. Literally.

Welcome to the new world of freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom from tyranny, and thriving for all.