What If You Have Arrived?

March 20, 2017 Delia Yeager

What if where you are, the situations that are currently populating your life, really are the destination? Especially those situations that you talk about  – to yourself and others – as though they are bad or wrong or broken and need fixing….

Thinking and feels are a hell of a dynamic duo.

They are the engine that propel your life towards what you think/feel about the most, so it is best if what you think/feel about the most is stuff you actually want, and less time/energy on what you don’t want, or what to avoid.

This culture is absolutely saturated in the practice, habits, values and infrastructural perspective of Problem Solving,

Problem Solving is a post-atomic, mid-century American business approach that peaked in the mantra of, “Don’t come to me with a problem if you don’t have a solution,” thinking.

What if where you are, every situation and sensation of your life in this moment is a huge gift from your higher self to your body-mind self?

What if you just need to shift a tiny bit to see

If Problem Solving is the highest value, the way to show your virtues and get you the kudos’s you want for great work, performance and contribution, what do you have to do, over and over again?

Seek out, create and generate problems for you to solve.

While this may be a fun way to challenge yourself at some point, after a while it’s really just – boring. Or an exciting, socially acceptable way to keep yourself entertained, occupied, out of the real game of creating and transforming your life and life as we know it because, well, you’ve got to solve this problem first, don’t you?

What if Problem Solving is just a little above survival pre-occupation but way below actual creating and thriving in life?

I used to use the old technology of healing with psychology and use my mind almost exclusively to “search and destroy” the filaments, roots and tendrils of past experiences that lead to this and that and the other thing. Great work but very time consuming, and incomplete, since it all involved so much analyzing thinking and not enough consciousness. Upgrades have been available and utilized, thank goodness.

So let’s cut to the chase

When you do that think – that thing that you are completely in resistance to… that thing that you keep promising and swearing that you will never do again – when you do that thing; that moment you become conscious of it all, and that heat flash of shame and blame come over you, again  – in that moment, ask yourself – can you love yourself anyway? and make the answer Yes.

Even if  you’re a loser? or ugly? or a failure? or anything you personally love to hang yourself on?

Make your answer yes, to any and all of these questions, and keep going.

You are spirit – an infinite being, and an infinite being cannot blow it, fail, stop existing, be forgotten or alone or die of starvation or lack of attention or … anything. An infinite being lacks – nothing. Not possible.

But you are migrating your awareness and identity from a bag of bones, emotions, thoughts, history of choices since you were tiny, every hurt, fault and blame to Being Spirit, Infinite and fabulous with this amazing body.

So here’s some fun questions you can start using every day and watch/notice what a difference they make to the quality of your days and nights.

If my success was absolutely the only possible outcome, how would you feel?

If you really know that you are in infinite Spirit and you have this amazing body with all its sensations and awarenesses and they really are huge assets, how would you feel? What would you do?

If you know, down to the depths of your toes, that no matter what, the Universe and your higher self have you back, would you take it?

Are you willing to live your life as the most potent manifestor in your life?

Are you willing to ask, especially when things seem most “wrong” – what’s right about this situation, that when I can perceive that, everything will change dynamically, as if by magic?

Start the experiment today.

In a journal, make notes of how you and others are responding to these questions, and what asking them is doing to the context of your very own life.

Take the notes, wear “your” clothes, participate in what you want  your life to be, every day, at least 15 – 30 minutes, and watch how all areas of your life transforms, as if by magic.

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Instead of asking what’s wrong, start looking for – and finding – what’s right with you, this situation and everything?


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