What if you could be You with ease, joy & glory?

March 5, 2019 Delia Yeager

What if what holds your life in place is a hundred million tiny threads of narrative of who you are and what’s happened to you in your life, based on judgments, projections, emotional interpretations, implications and conclusions in the moment…. And what if some of these have been repeated so often, they make themes, and thick cables, that make it hard to see the threads and cables, or that any other possibilities could possibly exist. But that’s like saying there is no Earth beyond what your eye can see…. That the horizon is the true end of possibilities, and that there is no thing beyond the horizon.


And what if there are other ways to evolve beyond analysis, beyond reliving the narrative, beyond what has been the conventional “wisdom” so far…

What if all those threads of story are actually like the strings of guitar, lines of resonance that get stimulated or plucked over and over again by your hand of interpretation of the past events of your life, and from not choosing any differently in that moment of re-sponse, your life keeps playing the same old song, re-validating all the judgments, projections, emotional interpretations, implications and conclusions until you believe they are written-in-stone facts, as evidenced by the fact that they keep happening again and again…

But in truth, they keep happening again and again because you haven’t initiated anything different because you didn’t know you could… that you were able… that you had permission… that thing worked like that.

And what if now is the time to start doing your life, doing your Self, differently… but not with the same rules and definitions as before, but with some new information, a new take on some of the power tools you have been using, though unidentified or misapplied until now…

And that is why there’s so much pressure, so much intensity-anger-agitation-impatience – because your soul and the Universe are conspiring to bust you lose, to bust you free from the old re-runs of lies of limits, and debilitating definitions of you, like, what’s possible and Everything.

So, if you are ready to learn new ways of working the energy of your thoughts, emotions and being, new ways to discover, reveal and start to BE the real You…. If you are ready to stop telling yourself that 1,000 Lbs weight on your chest isn’t that uncomfortable, or is to be expected, or isn’t there, then come see me. These tools, this empowering liberation process may not work for you, like conventional wisdom says – the same conventional wisdom that says you are nothing special, you have no special gifts or talents, there is nothing special about being alive on this luscious planet at this amazing time because all of life is shit, except for professional acclaim, cars, houses, sex appeal and like that – but what if that is a lie?


Book a session today. Book a package of 3 healings. See how you feel, see what clears for you, see what a difference it makes in your life. Then learn how you can create more for yourself, your family-business-life all day, every day.

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