What If Awareness Isn’t Crazy?

January 7, 2017 Delia Yeager

There have been so many deaths in 2016.

Some knocked the wind out us, some were an utter surprise, some were a welcomed respite for a loved one.

I know I was very sad when Alan Rickman died, since I did not know he was ill.

But Carrie Fisher’s death seemed unbelievable to me – she’s only 60!

Her humor, her perspective an wit.

I found everything I could on YouTube to hear her words, from her own mouth, and again I felt like what a difference it may have made to her and her life if she had learned the tools and techniques of how to live as spirit in a body.

We are infinite beings, and we already live in many dimensions, only the world doesn’t reflect that back to us.

The “regular” world says that you are a mass of flesh and bones, and when your body dies, all of you ceases to exist.

And that the only things that are real are the things that someone else can see, too.

And that matter is solid – even though science shows us how not true that is!

Life would have been so different for Carrie if she had known that her incredibly sensitive nature was not her being crazy crazy, but crazy aware instead.

Being consciously aware of the life energies all around us all the time is what we are built for, what many of us in the spiritual world ASPIRE TO!

And more and more of us are being born with the awareness that the world just wants to control out of us.

ADHD, ADD, Millennial’s not buying the bullshit that the rest of us have been trained to suck us and convinced that it is not our native intelligence but some kind of character defects.

Character defects that get them off the hook and get you medicated and feeling insecure, full of self doubt and self loathing and terrified of your own senses.

This may have been the social “norm” for the past 50 – 5,000 years but this is the none-sense that 2017 doesn’t support or want going into the future.

I remember what a tremendous relief it was to discover that I was AWARE and not certifiably crazy.

I didn’t know Carrie personally and I have no authoritative information about her life-long condition, but I do know that living in agreement with the lies of limits of who you are and what is possible and what you can or cannot do, is all effing crazy-making.

Who is your life would rather that you didn’t know how powerful and capable you are? Who would rather have you meek, unsure, and with just enough self-doubt to keep them company in their own self-doubt and smallness?

Aren’t you ready to bust out and get free?

I can help with that. It’s what I do.

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