July 26, 2019 Delia Yeager

Okay, so what’s the deal with abundance – I mean, what does it DO? what does it help with?

Conventional wisdom associates abundance mostly with money, as though other kinds of abundance don’t do much for you.

But if you’ve ever had an asthma attack or really bad allergies, you know how crucial and abundance of air is for your body’s survival.

And with the climate change that’s happening now, people are becoming more aware of how crucial the abundance of trees and clean air, clean water, oceans, and rivers without toxins and plastics is.

If you’ve ever had any kind of illness, you know intimately how vital and crucial it is for your body to have an abundance of rest, good foods, luscious movement (too often called exercise) peaceful thoughts and so much more.

When I’m in a session with someone and we’re exploring the desires and requirements for their body, and their body told them that walking more is what’s required for a myriad of “reasons.” Their tone of voice and energy was like,  “Walking? Really? It can’t be that simple.” So often people “hear the answer,” then grade it, without actually DOING it. Funny, that.

Abundance training, clearings to help you be and abundance magnet, and abundance grower and cultivator – this stuff is not, “just an elective; just an indulgence,” or the selfishness the 3D world tells us it is.

This kind of self-care is spiritual Ninja training. There’s nothing pointless about it.

It’s also one of the most potent, empowering and deliciously subversive things you can ever do, because there are energies, forces at play in the 3D world that want you to feel small, stuck, worthless, not-enough, and anything else that keeps you separate from knowing and living from your True Self.

And there is a whole lot of release, relief, and FUN to it, as amusement is the highest healing vibration. This level of feel-good deep in your bones and laugh-ready at every moment really drives the 3D-muggles wild, too, because you are much easier to control when you are scared and deep in fear/lack.

Join me on the call this Sunday and start blasting out the deep-in-fear/lack lies, misidentified and misapplied energies, so you can feel better faster than is 3D-muggle legally allowed.

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