What Do You Do with Fear?

April 16, 2017 Delia Yeager

This week I have worked with a number of people who are experiencing a high level of fear.

Some don’t want to see what’s really going on in a relationship, or at work, or in some other area of their life. They don’t want to see something that they feel if they saw it, it would demand that they change everything, in ways they cannot imagine.

The clients that I have worked with for a while are aware of their fear, but they are now more aware of their excitement as well, and they know that they can and will outcreate themselves, because they have a track record of doing that already.

The normal tool kit for what to do with fear is usually a sledge hammer and a tranquilizer gun. Neither of these honor the fear, or you, or help.

The more you understand the actual intent and information of your emotions, the easier everything is.

It’s like the difference between wearing sunglasses at night in the dark, and seeing crystal clearly in the full light of day.

We all have big things that we want to do in life. Maybe not big to others, but big to us.

Write and get published – sell you artwork professionally – be respected by your peers at work – win awards for excellence – have a fabulous relationship with your partner and have a thriving family. All of these are huge undertaking and accomplishments and the ones that are yours are the biggest and most important.

Part of the reason your big dreams are big is because – you are big. You are infinite and have huge capacities, so you will need big dreams.

No one else has to know what they are, and it doesn’t matter if others think of your dreams as big or not. No relevance at all.

The point is, if you believe that what is possible for you is limited to what you can imagine for yourself, you can feel trapped.

The universe and your higher self are much greater than your analyzer can imagine.

You are much greater and powerful than you can imagine – so far.

When you want a career at something, it’s only natural that you would invest time and energy in studying, practicing, learning and being coached at information, systems, activities, skills and reasoning that you didn’t previously know.

The assumption that you should already know all that you need to know about being your or manifesting the life of your dreams is as unrealistic as assuming that you should already know everything you need to know to become a CPA before taking your first accounting class.

Learning the language of You, as infinite being in your fantastic body, is a very worthy undertaking and a commitment to yourself that will change your life from getting by to thriving, and will hurt considerably fewer people than if you just keep going on blind luck and misinformation.

If you feel stuck, and like there are only two ways things can go – either complete shut-down, oppression prison or complete jail-break explosion of every aspect of your life, than you are suffering from the misinformation and lack of imagination of what is possible for your life.


Imaging knowing how to

  • Stand By You in every moment
  • have your back in every situation
  • tell what is yours and what is someone elses – responsibility, anger, fear, thoughts, etc.
  • know how to get your own answers, in the moment
  • know yourself as an infinite self, not a limited body-mind-personality alone
  • comprehend all the sensations, thoughts, emotions, memories and what vital information they have for you, in every moment

If this sounds like how you want to live – in ease, joy and thriving glory, manifesting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, these sessions and the Spiritual Living Program are for you.


It took you years to create the life that you have with the information you have.

Now’s the time to create the life you truly want, beyond what you now think is possible, with the new information, corrections and deletions that you need to make it so.

Let’s do this. Now is your time.