December 16, 2016 Delia Yeager

As 2016 winds down, I have been reflecting on the events of 2016 and their unique properties.

2016 has been a year of big changes for me. A watershed year of endings and completions in my personal life every bit as much as I have seen in your life in our sessions.

You know I read the energy that is in the moment, but I did just also discover that 2016 is a 9 year, a year of endings and completions of cycles and in some cases arches that have been going on for decades.

One thing that has had my focus has been this thing called “The Holidays.” What has it meant to me and what does it mean now?

In my first few decades, it meant “Holiday Inn” and “White Christmas,” Bing Crosby and Irving Berlin songs. It meant going out into the woods to cut down a tree, and to bring it back to the house to put it up in the living room, and all of us 6 kids and the parents together for the day.

It meant a lot of what meant a lot to my parents.

Pop really liked White Christmas, and as an ex-marine, related to it all, so that was our Christmas Standard.

Mom was true to her Irish Catholic roots, so Christmas meant making the advent wreath and lighting the candles every night as we said the prayers after dinner.

When we were little, there were Christmas plays and visiting the old folks home.

And making the rounds to visit the uncles and cousins, celebrating the season.

All was rich and all was bright, but all this was a very long time ago.

It seems like I and so many of us coasted on this as the template for the holidays for a very, very long time, and 2016 doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with being tied to a past of dead standards that haven’t been alive in so long.

Christmas has meant, at various times, presents and possibilities: food and family; Midnight Mass; and my priest friend, the Monsignor, presiding as I hung out with Mary in her grotto, off to the side, near the altar.

But in the intervening years, most of the people and activities that meant Christmas have been absent.

The Hallmark channel makes Christmas look like either the day that solves all financial and relationship problems, and/or the day the guy proposes to the girl. I am not sure when the Christmas/Valentine’s mash up began but it leaves me out in both categories.

I’ve been curious for what The Holidays means to me to reveal itself, asking also for a symbol, and it all became clear the other night.

To me, the spirit of Christmas and the meaning of The Holidays is – the joy and freedom of possibilities.

Possibilities I hadn’t even thought of, and that you haven’t thought of yet either.

And the symbol that my body likes the most is – the old fashioned Pere Noel or Kris Kringle; the European Father Christmas.

There was a time when the male energy was bound in honor, protecting, nurturing and empowering the young.

A time when Father Christmas delighted in bringing light-hearted joy to children everywhere.

There are not a lot of male archetypes floating around these days that are positive or nurturing, and so I especially like this one.

The magic of Christmas, the spirit of love and good will towards all, the potency of possibilities and anything can happen, made real.

This year, I encourage you do be curious and discover what the meaning of The Holidays is for you, in the present.

Join me in a Holiday Healing Call on Sunday, 12/18 and let’s bring The Holidays into Present Time, the better to nurture and support you now, and growing forward.

Below is a video that helped clarify the true spirit of the holidays for me. I hope you enjoy.

This Mom Teaches Her Child How to Be a Santa