Welcome to Chaos = Danger + Opportunity Times!

October 14, 2016 Delia Yeager

Sometimes people look at me funny, wondering how I can be so cheery about difficult times and all the sad things going on that need healing.

I learned a long time ago that amusement – grounded in compassion and eyes wide open – is the most healing vibration of all. 

I’m not all chipper because I am glossing over anything, but because I do understand the gravity of the situation.

Yesterday, everyone I spoke with was experiencing crazy unusual things.

A shop owner had had 5 technical outages with this shops computer system and WIFI in as many days, all very time consuming to track down and fix, one involving a call center helper who could do nothing, offered nothing and said there wasn’t a supervisor to talk to. My friend said he wasn’t hanging up till he talked to someone higher up, and eventually the supervisor got on the line and fixed everything and then some, in less than 5 minutes. A great case of Perseverance Furthers, as the I Ching counsels.
Another friend that I spoke with had been avoiding signing up for some assistance from the federal government because she is of the age of, “I’d rather do it myself,” which has meant that she’s been without insurance for some time and needs to go to the Doctor. Yesterday, out of no where, she got the contact information that she needed but didn’t know what to call it to ask for it. Now, she’s getting the coverage she needs.A woman came in to see me at the book store for a Reading, but when she got to my office, all I could feel was this enormous weight on her chest, making it hard to breathe, and promptly did the healing/clearing to remove that energy. As I was doing that, she remembered something from long ago. Something her father had said, that she had assumed was a fact for all these years, and yesterday it popped for her – and she could see he wasn’t even talking to her in that long ago moment, and she was free of that oppression. She said then that it was her birthday, and she’d just come in for a short Reading but this… this freed her from a weight she had carried for 40 years, and being free of that, something that never occurred to her she could be free of, was the best way to start her 46th year she could ever imagine.

The thing about chaos energy is that is scrambles expectations and the usual A+B=C paradigm.

It can be nutty and crazy-making but it can also be hella-liberating.

When I was a kid John F. Kennedy said once in a speech that in the Chinese alphabet, the symbol for Chaos is made up of the symbol for danger, and the symbol for opportunity, so Chaos = Danger & Opportunity.

This new energy is coming in hot and everywhere, on every level of life, public and private.

The more you can ground yourSelf, connecting to your higher self in every moment, and the more you can release resistance, stay open, allow your long-held notions, beliefs and assumptions be questioned, curious to free yourself, the easier all this gets.

You, as spirit, have got this, no question. But if your body-mind-personality could use some support,
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In the spirit of Chaos and the desire to work with as many of you who are ready to step further into your own healing and living from your greatness, I have lowered the rates for sessions at this time.


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This is an important time for your own personal spiritual EVOLution as well as the EVOLution of humanity, and the planet itself, and everything in the material world. Plants, rocks, animals, the planet are all spiritual beings growing and EVOLing as well. Everything is in a constant state of Becoming More, now more than ever. What you do – matters. Literally.

Your participation in Life and your breakthroughs are important, no only to the planet and your friends and loved ones, but for your thriving. Your thriving well being and joyful living really do matter.  Literally.

Be well, and Be On Your Side.

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Peace + love + big changes!

White water rafting is more fun when you have the right tools. 


Be. You. Now.

I work with people who are committed to their own well-being and thriving, now.