We Need You as much as You Need You

September 25, 2018 Delia Yeager

We need you empowered and creating in your life and the world.

We need you to know what you know, and to be healed enough to be ready to speak your truth in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

I don’t mean we need you strong enough to go before a hostile Senate hearing but knowing that you are whole and fabulous in every moment of every day.

We need men who are Beto O’Rourke and Obama strong, and women as confident as Hillary, Jane (Fonda) Lily Tomlin, Maya Angelou.

We need kids as well educated as Emma Gonzales and David Hogg, and the fabulous teachers they’ve had, and we need them for more than problem solving and cleaning up the adult-sized messes they’ve inherited.

I don’t mean you must go from an introvert to a public figure, but what if you aren’t so much an introvert as you don’t like how you respond to people’s opinions or judgments of you? I mean, what if you were altogether you, all the time, having your back in every situation, no matter who was around you, and no matter what anyone said?

When you have your back all the time, no matter who is around you or what anyone says, there’s no need to hide at all. Many of us sensitive people have decided we were introverts when really, we were sensitive to people’s judgments and didn’t like how we responded. What if other’s thoughts and opinions don’t affect you?

Doesn’t that sound like freedom?

Healing can be fun, and mostly it takes dogged determination, aka your choice, every day, in every situation.
Healing doesn’t mean you’re broken, and you fix yourself, or you get fixed.
Healing means you have a lot of misinformation, misinterpretations, programming lies, conclusions and assumptions that are filtering your vision and therefore your life experience.
Healing actually means change, as in grow, and change is the only constant in life, regardless of what the “conventional wisdom” says.

Your wholeness is inside you, waiting for you to clear the misinformation so you can be consciously aware and intact, and operate from that fullness, the wholeness of You – infinite being in body.

In this case, healing means clearing out the programming, misinformation and the wrong conclusions that to with all that, and get back to who you truly be, which is an infinite being or spirit with an amazing, powerfully self-healing body-mind-personality.

Your wholeness is inside you, waiting for you to clear the misinformation so you can be consciously aware and intact, and operate from that fullness, the wholeness of You – infinite being in body.

Everybody has misinformation, programming, lies, in their body and operating system. It can manifest in your relationships, your money and financial life, your work like, your relationship with authority and power, and your body.

There is not body on the planet that does not have programming, lies and misinformation. The lie that you are alone in your pain is one of the biggest and most debilitating, and the more you experience another reality than that, the easier it gets for you to choose your way through to the other side, the freedom side, or the other lies in your space.

Imagine having tools at your disposal to use in real time, in every day life situations. Imagine being able to be standing there and know when the person in front of you or on the phone is lying, and then be able to use that information for your greater good.

Imagine being able to turn a tense situation with a group of people into a pleasant and productive exchange, instead of a mess.

Imagine being able to see the greatness in others, instead of having to rescue them,

Imagine having your own back, solid, in every situation, and imagine how it feels to absolutely know that is true, from years of experiencing it.

Imagine being senior to all the emotions, thoughts, feelings in your body, operating at the level of cooperation and communion that we don’t even have models for anymore, but that thousands of individuals are operating from, and the more we do operate as we are designed, the more whole we live, the more we change the course of humanity, and the lives of all the living beings on this planet, as well as the planet itself.

Imagine being senior to money, knowing you can always ask and receive more of it when you desire.

Imagine being senior to your own emotions, fully able and willing to be present with yourself, in communication, and no victim energy anywhere.

Imagine really understanding from countless experiences, how great you truly be, and willingly, joyfully sharing that with any and everyone, simply by being the being that you be.

Imagine replacing struggle and resistance with power and thriving.
You having your back completely, 24/7, is what is going to transform your own life, and the life of the planet, absolutely.

Because when you really do have your back, you think, feel, talk and act very different to how you have always thought, felt, talked and acted.

Heal yourself and you heal the world is a stone-cold fact.

When you are healed, meaning you know (feel it in your bones) that you are an infinite being and you have an amazing body, you totally have your own back in every moment and situation. You are naturally and constantly seeking out what is true for you in any moment and situation and living from that. You call bullshit to the lies that have become so normal in how we do life on the planet, and you either speak up so others can hear, or mostly you simply be different, and by not resonating to the lies, you contribute to the collapse of the world the lies promote.

You’ll start living a different vibration, a different level of awareness and knowing what is most generative for you to do in any situation.

By living the fullest version of you, you contribute that fullness and wealth to the world.

Yes, this is serious as in important work, and it takes courage and determination, but it also is full of wonder and joy, and amusement is the most healing vibration of them all, so there is a lot of amusement along the way.

The thing I see most in this work is how when you clear some old lie that had been dogging you and bringing you down for so long, your body will immediately break into a smile or a laugh in relief, because nothing feels as good in your body as You – your infinite, spirit energy – does.

Your body was created precisely to meet your – the infinite You – vibration. When You (the spirit/entity) are home and in your body, your body functions better and feels better. There’s no anxiety, fear, threat energy. Your body can completely relax and operate as it is designed to, not from fight/flight/freeze but from calm, confident and kick-ass, because when you (the spirit/entity) are home, in and with your body, nothing can outcreate or hurt You, so body can stand down.

I do this work because it matters. I matter. You matter. We matter more than anything in the culture tells us or allows for.

The more we are outcast, ill-fitting in the culture, the more we are discounted and left out. That, my friends is more to our benefit than maybe previously considered.

People that have had significant success in the culture often are confused because while they know they need to change, that things are not working for them anymore, they have a body of evidence labelled success, and the tools and habits they used to get there, and so why can’t they just do that again?

The answer is – times are changing.

It’s time to wake up from the dream of separation and littleness.

And the time is Now.

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