We Are Rising

September 29, 2018 Delia Yeager

We are not meant to stay wounded.

We are not meant to join in the abuse of ourselves by agreeing with the perpetrators that we are not enough, not good enough, not smart, pretty or cute enough.

We are not meant so abuse ourselves with minimizing or ignoring what happened, or telling ourselves to buck up whenever the wound comes up to ask for healing.

We are not meant to agree with the ad agencies that tell us our bodies are only good for sex, if we are lucky; that everything about us is only about gratifying someone else’s sexual appetite or aesthetic, or being “pleasing” in someone’s opinion; or to be the bag for them to shove all their hate-shame-guilt-rage-inadequacies-semen that they don’t want to feel.

We are meant to move through our tragedies, abuses and challenges, and not by the sanctioned hand of the perpetrator’s culture.

Freud knew the circumstances of the women he studied and deemed them not ill but victims of incest, and not happy or comfortable with the world that said they were loved, not abused. He was told that he had to change his conclusion if he wanted a career, so he did. Then he fathered a bastardized career and industry, based on Gaslighting survivors, and became a coke addict. Lying to yourself always has a cost.

Find a modality that works for you, that affirms and validates you. Don’t settle for any shades of blaming you.

We are meant to find ourselves, our true self, unscathed and unmolested; whole, complete & intact again, usually by example, the Goddess way of working with others who have moved through their own jungles of doubt, pain, lies, betrayals and deceit.

By remaining stuck in the wounding, by rearranging everything about ourselves to hide or accommodate the wounding, and to move on while still carrying it is to be stuck, without the power and organic transformation that comes from non-resistance and fully receiving all the communication from the body about the wounding.    

It is the resistance to the wounding; the definitions, conclusions, assumptions and other lies about us, the wounding, the abuser, what it all meant and means – it is the resistance to all that that keeps it empowered over us. It’s making the definitions of what happened more important, more powerful not only than us, but even more important that what did happen.

Cohesion, Gaslighting, abusing verbally, emotionally, physically including penetration (it’s not sex – it’s abuse) and all forms of commodifying another human being for consumption and the high that some people get from oppression are all abuse – and all wrong, against nature, against the survivor as well as the nature of the perpetrator. These things have to be learned to be repeated.

Your infinite being, or bigger Self, is unscathed, golden, and present, waiting for you to come back into your body and release.

Your healing comes from your choosing you, over and over again, warts and all, giving yourself the chance to learn who and what you truly be, and to stand by you, no matter what.

Your healing comes as you share your story, with people who are worthy enough to hear it; not just some joker on the street.

You are your savior, your guiding light, your best ally, but it may take time and the love of others to help you get to where you can see and be that.

This takes both learning new things and unlearning even more things and linear doesn’t cut it.

The culture that protects the rapists and the incestors is not the system that will set you free.

To get free, you must find your way with your body; how to tell yourself the truth. What the truth feels like to you, and what a lie feels like, too.

They won’t tell you this but every sensation in your body, ever, has important navigational information for you. Stuff you need to know to do, be and generate more for you and the world, in everything you do.

Write or speak or share your story. Call a hotline and tell the story to whoever answers the phone. Do this as many times as you need. As many times as it takes for the truth of being wronged and how valuable you truly are out weight the lies of deserving or “so what”.

Keep in mind that while your own story, your own healing is your job one, the healing you do personally helps seed and ground more of that energy in this world, and as we all do this, we are organically and energetically creating the new norm – of wholeness, compassion, awe of each other’s power and courage, fierce voices doing what needs doing to change the norm for competition & domination to cooperation and thriving. We rising up now, ladies and gentlemen. We transforming the whole game, planet wide, and the Earth Herself is helping, energetically as well as physically.

Your voice, no matter how quiet or shakey, is important.

Your body IS yours, and it is beautiful, amazing, and full of wisdom.

Your time is NOW.

You are Not Alone.

You have more power than you know, and certainly more power than you’ve been allowed so far.

We don’t have to know each other to know each other, and we are healing a millenia old wounding of humanity, one survivor at a time. Now.


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