Want to Blow the Ceiling on Your Ability to Have Fun?

May 6, 2017 Delia Yeager

Some of you have asked me about the use of the word Pleasure for this workshop.

I have gotten emails about how with lusty, May, and pleasure it all conjures up what I call “sex pictures,” and that’s not altogether comfortable for some bodies.

That is exactly why the energy has asked that I do this workshop – so you can clear off all the icky programming that makes your pleasure uncomfortable for you.

This workshop is for all bodies, men as well as women, that has the programming that limits your rights and capacities to really enjoy your body. Sexually, sure, but in all other ways as well.

In fact, the way you when you are making love is a great example of how you are with receiving.

If you are the kind of lover that can’t wait to turn the focus on your partner and their pleasure, you may think that you are really attentive to your partner and that’s great, but have you ever noticed secretly how much more comfortable you are in the role of giver?

That being in the position of receiving is more of a challenge? 

A shadow side of giving can be that you get to be in control of what happens, crafting situations without seeming to.

But that limits what and how much the Universe and your higher self can bring to you.

The better you are at receiving – not strings, no making yourself  less-than or better-that the other, the better you are at an effortless giving and receiving with the Universe in all areas of your life.

Click here and join us on the call Saturday, May 6, at 12 noon Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern time 
Don’t worry if you can’t be on the call live – the mp3 will be sent out within 24 hours of the Healing Call, and you will get the consciousness healing every time you listen to the recording – as if by magic!

We will clear limits to how comfortable you can be receiving, clear the tarnish that says receiving is bad-wrong-selfish in a bad-wrong way.

Receiving, enjoying, appreciating, gratitude, are all verbs and actions having to do with savoring your sacred pleasure, for your greater good, healing, delight and wicked fast manifesting – yum!
Body is the original Soul’s Mate.

The more you experience that, the more pleasure, power and ease you have in your own body, and live.
Forward to your friend, and both of you sign up and join the call. That way you can help remind each other, and cheer each other one in the coming days and weeks, as you stand more On Your Side.

Sacred Pleasure Healing Call
SATURDAY, MAY 6TH at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Click here for the deets and to sign up now.

Time to live uncontrolled, unbought, ungovernable. Freedom Rocks.