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Energy Hygiene and Good Mental Health in the era of 45


Let’s be clear here – the person in Office right now is not in his right mind. What is happening is not business as usual, or politics, or commerce. What is happening now is not normal, or legal, or just, or right, much less sane. Okay. Now we have a clear beginning point.

It is important, now more than ever, that you take good care of your mind, your body, be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, what you watch on TV, what you listen to in media, and how much time you spend on any of it.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of watching what you eat, cutting down on sweets or fat or something to help your body feel better.

Now is the time to start watching all your forms of consumption.


1 – Watch what you watch, and how much of it you watch.

In my healing practice, I would with a great many sensitive people who want to change the world, who have anxiety problems and attacks, and who binge watch vampire and zombie shows. Stop it. You are literally scaring yourself.

I get that you want to watch those shows because they reflect back to you the numbed, numbing-ness of it all, the ennui, the hopeless-helpless-futility of it all that you have been programmed to feel-see and believe.

Here’s a spoiler – it’s not meant to be comforting, because you feel that way too. It is meant to programming you, to convince you of the lie that you are powerless; the lie that what you do does not matter; the lie that you’re already neutered, disaffected, helpless-hopeless-useless anyway.

Because like Voldemort, if they can convince you that you are alone, pathetic, useless and isolated – all lies, by the way – the easier it is for them to manipulate, control, dominate and abuse you and everyone else.

Wake up! Knock it off. Stop agreeing with them and proving their point of view of reality and you!

Take your power back, and laugh at the control games coming at you in the form of “entertainment” which is the new name for propaganda.


2 – Watch what you listen to.

Listening to the news can be as bad at watching main stream media news.

Notice what you listen to.

You don’t want to spend too much time on anything too sugar-coated or too acid, or too warped.

I find that limiting the listening time can be the best place to start.

Many people watch the talking heads and listen to them speculate about speculation for the 24/7 that they are talking.

However, you are not a whale feeding on the krill.

This kind of gulping in the garbage in hopes of some krill can only make you ill, and give you exaggerated, jaundiced ideas and perspectives.

Do not engorge on the media. It is toxic, even when well-intentioned.


3 – Find the sources of news and information that are the least toxic, and limit your intake to those sources.

Rachel Maddow, who breaks things down and explains their context and nature, leaving the conclusions and conjecture up to you for the most part. Her focus on What IS is very helpful.

PBS, Colbert and the Comedy Central people do a fairly good job of sticking to what is.

Dan Rather and his FB News and Guts; Bill Moyers and his Truth About Power on FB; Christiane Amanpour, El Jazeera English, along with the Irish Independent, BBC, NY Times, LA Times, and other news and information sources that still verify and audit what they say. Seek out and cultivate a pool of resources you can turn to for information, and verifying sites.

Think of someone you know who seems to have good information, and ask them where they get their news.

Politically, practically and spiritually, it is time that you become your own authority and fact checker.

You already have a great no-bull-shit detector, one that teachers, bosses, authorities around you have been invalidating for years because it makes you “a pain in the ass,” for them to control. Congratulations! Now, start tackling the responsibility part of that freedom, and do the research, do your homework, not only on the information you take and or pass on, but in all areas of your life.

4 – Notice -The inner life of authenticity and self responsibility and the outer life of political action and changing the world have converged, and that’s part of the good news.

Become more credible within your own skin, and you become a beacon of credibility in the world, refuting the lies that one person doesn’t matter or can’t make a difference, not because you are fighting the lie, but because you are living the truth – that one person matters absolutely, as we all do.

The more you verify what’s up with you, the more you clear off your no-bull-shit detector.

The clearer your no-bs detector is, the easier it is to know what to listen to and what to switch off.

The clearer you are, the mow you demonstrate that clarity in the face of lies and confusion is not only possible, but a great eradicator of the power of the lies and confusion.

5 – Stand By You.

The more you clean up your act, so you can happily stand by you; love up on you, and support you, the more you can and want to act in the world, to affect change, to help by being present, to change the world and make NOW a better place to be than the Time-Warner version of the world allows.


Stand by you and you change the world, right here, right now. For you, and all those who know you.

That’s the power they don’t want you to know you have.

Look at Jimmy Carter. And they said he was the least effective president we ever had. Just goes to show how much “they” know, and how biased “they” are.

Live your values. No one else’s.

And by live, I mean take action, daily.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, Do all you can with what you have from where you are.


Do this every day, and your life as well as the lives around you, will indeed be transformed.




Sometimes it seems like you gotta be stealth just to live these days.

You can learn about how you are really built, how your system really operates, and get free, but it’s all one step at a time, isn’t it.

The first step is a very good place to start.

Here’s a video for you to “do” along with.

There’s a little preamble, then, “Close your eyes, turn within, take a nice, deep breath like you have all the time and oxygen in the world,” and come home to you.

Urban Energy Practices – Center, Gather and be.

Posted by Delia Yeager on Saturday, April 1, 2017

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