Triggered and Ready to GET BIGGER!

October 1, 2018 Delia Yeager

Hello my sweet friend. 

Today’s the day. The reality of how women are undercut and “less than” in America is out, proud and on display to day.

I know many of us are getting triggered by the current events in the Supreme Court nomination hearings.

When Rachel Maddow read part of Dr. Ford’s opening remarks on her show last night, I was taken aback at the potency of the resonance of her experience with one of mine from high school. As I worked with the energy of my own experience and emotions that were stimulated, I saw new facets and old conclusions from then about the self-defeat of using my voice that had threads still holding me back today. After I cleared them, I felt a tremendous wave of potency, and determination to change the world experience  of being in a girl body on the planet.

I know from personal experience how potent this healing work is, how it has liberated me and countless others, to live more and more free from oppression and fear and from potency and creativity instead.

I know there is a huge uprising of a lot of emotions from intensely personal experiences.

I know because of my own body’s response to these events, in present time and in how they resonate to my own experiences with rape and abuse.

Healing on the collective level is no different from healing on the personal level.

Things have to come up and out, through conscious awareness, for healing.

The body is telling you a lot of things, and needs to be heard and assisted so all that information in your muscles and cells can be released, and you can have peace and seniority in your body-mind-emotions.

Your transformation of your experience, you healing your wounding, not only helps you, but it helps raise everyone.

I am dedicated to eradicating and evolving humanity out of abuse, domination, oppression, suppression and competition of every kind.

I am dedicated to humanity’s raising the vibration to birthing and operating in an completely different consciousness on this planet.

And I am dedicated to assisting you in healing all that keeps you small, or fighting all the time.

You came here to change the world, and not just on the outside. Your healing energetically makes healing possible for people you will never even meet, as well as those around you.

If your body is bringing up old memories and emotions in resonance to all that is happening in current events, I’ve created this opportunity to make the most of this potent healing opportunity. Healing yourself truly does heal the world, by your beingness.

You do know that you are one of the vanguard of the wave to transform life on Earth, humanity, out of the dark ages of dominance and competition and into the light of cooperation and thriving.

That’s why you’re so fed up, pissed off, crying and upset – you are activated to heal and as you heal yourself, you anchor and ground that potency into the human consciousness.

The consciousness of the planet, plants, animals, oceans, breezed, rocks, and everything is already raised and asking for our participation – as equals – and it’s time we get up to speed.

You are suffering from awareness, and if you feel in your bones that this is the time for you to change that in you, so you experience being informed and supported by your awareness, and are ready to LIVE from THAT, instead of the fear or the wounding, than let’s do this. Let us use the energy of the times to your advantage, so you can live your truth, unaffected by the fables of limits, and birth more of that truth – freedom, power, creativity and infinite possibilities – into the “regular” world.

I truly am soooo grateful you are here. Really.

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