June 6, 2018 Delia Yeager


Thinking, as we know it, is not the same as knowing.

Thinking as we know it is words and things you’ve read and heard, in class, in a lecture, read in an essay or article, or words from TV, books, and the like.

School in the modern age is based on the military model of how to get the most people through the system with the fewest modifications to the system to get the most people through the system with the least amount of accommodation or investment. It is about its own accomplishment, not about individuals learning how to think, but learning now to test well. Getting people through the system, and monetizing the system in the process, has been The Point.

Thinking these days is measured in testing and awards for testing.

To pass the GED in the 1970’s, all I had to do was read a few paragraphs, then the questions. The answers were right there, in complete sentences, in the paragraphs above. All that’s required is lifting the sentences from the paragraphs above and using their words as the answer. If you don’t use their words, they don’t recognize the answer as correct.

I grew up in a tumultuous time of questioning authority in the form of text books, the government and institutions, while absolutely loving to learn, so I read a lot, for decades. I didn’t consume novels or books that I couldn’t remember later. I had active engagement with the topics, characters and ideas in the books, and I did mostly read non-fiction. I didn’t value the educational indoctrination system, but I fervently wanted to know more and be educated.

I specialized in how humans operate, psychologically and philosophically, but more from the individual perspective than the sociological and groups perspective.

For me the key has always been the individual first, the group second, mostly because my personal experience of institutions was indoctrination and control over me, and I could sense it beyond all their pretty lies. Meanwhile others, especially with credentials, see it the opposite way, and the individual as part of the collective that needs to be brought into the fold, i.e. indoctrinated or excluded.

So, imagine my shock and surprise when I realized that I didn’t so much know a lot of things as I did know how to mimic and apply a lot of things, to a lot of situations. Sure, there is some intelligence to that – knowing where information would apply and enhance, especially when it is not a common pairing, but really, mimicry is not knowing.

So I studied things like memory to see if I could find how you know what you know, or think you know.

The Human Potential movement also delved into how do you know what you think you know, and that was a series of mind blowing experiences.

As I developed my “extra sensory” abilities, clairvoyance, etc., and did more and more clairvoyant Readings and energy healings, I settled into my own way of knowing what I know, and how to verify if I was interpreting things properly.

I satisfied for myself, based on inner work and tons of volume of practice how one knows what they know, and tools anyone can use to verify their interpretations. Now I teach people how to do that for themselves.

Imagine my delight to hear someone else saying that 99% of what we think and 99% of what we feel are not even our thoughts or emotions!

And whenever I say this to a class or client, they mostly instantly “know” that this is true. Plus, I teach a technique for them to gauge truth or not, for themselves, right off the bat. It goes like this:

Close your eyes. Take a few nice, deep breaths and call all of your energy back to your body, right here, right now. Then say to yourself, “My body likes to drink water” and notice the physical sensations in your body. Then say, “My body likes to drink paint thinner” (poison) and notice the physical sensations in your body.

Water tends to feel light, bright & expansive while paint thinner tends to feel dark, heavy and contracting.

This is your Yes and your No. This is how your highest, infinite self can use the sensations of your body to give you Yes & No answers, bypassing the analyzer-controlling-brain.

You can ask anything. Just start with, “Truth, …” and ask your question, then notice the sensation in your body; more, or less, open, or closed, light or heavy, bright or dark, and discover your own vocabulary, as well as the yes or the no to your question.

That is how you know things. You know what is or is not true – for you.

Too much of how we know things has been based on what others tell us, which makes us lopsided.

When you can only know what you know because of what others determine, you can never be in charge or in control or confident of your choices or your life. Like the 3-legged race from childhood – the system has you hobbled to something/someone you are not in control over.

But as you begin to use water & paint thinner to find out what is true for you, in any given situation, the more you are gaining the rightful (and sanity inducing) control over your own life, making you the most powerful being in your life.


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