The Superest Super Glue of All

May 1, 2018 Delia Yeager


Resistance is the super glue of the Universe.

We’ve all heard, “What you resist, persists.” And “What you resist, you become.”

Do you have any doubts? Try this at home:

What you resists, persists

Think of something that really bugs you – traffic, honking, having to cook dinner, people who chew gum, having to get up in the morning, your supervisor; whatever.

Now, decide and determine that you are not going to have that in your life any more…. And watch how often, how much and how loud all of that shows up in your life now!

What you resist, you become

This one can seem a bit more subtle or like it takes longer.

Say you are a new age, free-spirit type, and in the climate of these days, you are more and more against things like racism, prejudice, non-immigrant policies, take your pick.

The more you are against these things, the more you are in resistance of them, the more you are dedicated to being on the look-out for them, so you can call them out and bring attention to this latest manifestation or iteration of the very things you oppose in the culture. The more dedicated you are to that, the more you will tune into that very thing you oppose, until you are pre-judging people, and worse yet, awash in a world that is only full of the very things you oppose, and none of the qualities that you love!

A longer-exposure example is the righteous politicans and religious leaders who make a name for themselves being against gays or prostitution and in time get busted for partaking in those things, or the people who have been injured by a terrorist attack (the US on 9/11) and in their attempt to protect themselves, become the biggest perpetrators of the very attacks they claim victim to, and say they are only defending themselves, feeling completely justified in killing millions to feel safe, and never achieving that security they are killing people to get.  

Or maybe you had a controlling parent, boy/girl friend, or you were betrayed, or humiliated, abused, abandoned, ignored out of existence by a loved one, or you got the perfect gift for your birthday, and your sibling made your life hell out of jealousy. 

In every intense experience of your life, you have made choices, decisions, conclusions, judgments and formed beliefs about life, others, you, what is and what is no longer possible for you. Intensity sticks them into stone and impenetrable. 

You find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, in business, in relationships, with your money and what’s possible, or not possible, for you and your life. Uggg!

The superset Super Glue of the Universe is “Never Again.” 

Whatever you swear and devote yourself to Never Again, you will never be separate from, for even a second, ever again.  

Never Again means you are committing your whole body, being, focus and consciousness to holding into place, in your view, the very thing you are determined must never happen to you again.

Never Again means you are always looking for that very thing in every thing that goes on around you, to make sure it never happens to you again.

Never Again means you are always listening for any expression of that thing, so it doesn’t happen again, so that and shades of that are all you ever hear again. 

Never Again means you are going to remember that thing, remind everyone of that thing, to make sure that thing never happens again.

By training all your resources on that thing, in your commitment that it never happens again, you will see shades of it everywhere, in everyone, in all situations, movies, ads, everything.

You have locked yourself into step, into vibing in sync with the very thing you have sworn must never happen again.

Never Again locks all that energy, seemingly traps it into your very body and being and life.

Never Again is the superset Super Glue there is. Period.  

Akkk! So what do I do?!!!!

In this situation, the exact opposite is too harmonically in tuned. It still resonates. So you have to search out something completely different.

Like what?

Something that is light and has a lot of amusement for you.

       Amusement is a high, healing vibration that helps your body break
      down what you’ve believed into form.

So, things like…. Dedicating yourself to more balloon animals in the hospital kids’ wards, or more pet therapy opportunities in the world, or your having more lusciousness in your life. Learning to roller skate, or take a boxing class; or swing dancing or Dragon Boat Racing, or the Five Rhythms Dancing. 

    There are 86,400 seconds in a day. That’s 86,400
    opportunities you have to make different choices, to
create new possibilities for you and your life.


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