The Gift of Your Self

December 3, 2015 Delia Yeager

Many of my clients, like you, are big givers. They are empaths and sensitive people who act as if everything is theirs to heal. They are emotional caregivers. The problem comes when they betray themselves. They breech their own trust.

We are designed to love and trust.  liberation fiverr size

But sometimes we believe the lies our family, our friends, our culture tell us. How can you trust the world to reflect back honestly to you when it’s not trustworthy? If you are using your life-force energy to validate someone else’s picture of the world, you’re draining you and setting up untrustworthiness with yourself.

The path back to wholeness, the place to heal yourself, is by being in yourself.

We are universes. We can take energetic showers, rinse away energy that does not belong to us, and reset our energy back to our norm.  Your emotions are designed for your body. Emotions have important information for you. But holding Mom’s anger or Sister’s criticism make your system run improperly.

As you take energy showers and learn other similar techniques, as you are present, and on your side, you are being in yourself. You become so full of you that you can be more effective than ever. This is gifting Your Self.   You are choosing your preferences and declining everything else.

The more we own ourselves, be ourselves, stand up for ourselves, the more we can give a hand.  Cosmic-Heat-Connection-690x500

The more you demonstrate your values, and clean out where you have not been able to trust yourself, the more you demonstrate your trustworthiness to you.

People are waking up. The more you wake up and own yourself, the truer you are to yourself, the more you can be a trustworthy person to you, the greater your contribution to everyone’s thriving.  That’s the irony, isn’t it?

By Gifting Your Self, you actually give more than by acting otherwise.

So in this time of Giving, Gift Your Self. Sign up for the level of support that best suits your needs.

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