Thanksgiving & Holiday Season Clearings

November 18, 2017 Delia Yeager

This is a special time of year, buried beneath the modern conventions of Thanksgiving, family and holiday madness.

Some people are calm, cheery and peaceful for the holidays, full of good will and unfazed by the ads, the pace, the rush of it all, or simply enjoying it all.To them, I wish nothing but the best & a white Christmas too, or whatever their version of a wonderful holiday is.

But I’m here for those of you who have challenging family relations, holidays past traumas, social pressure anxiety and the like.

I have the privilege work with the most amazing, caring people.

Big-hearted, big healers by nature that are sensitive, caring and more aware of the emotions and energies of those around you than you know what to do with.

Some of you work as nurses and in overt care-giver positions, while others of you use your sensitivity in the office, in dealing with people, while doing your business. Most of you call your awareness things like being perceptive, or having a gut hunch; things that make your capacities with energy sound average and normal.

Your capacities, including your sensitivities, are normal, but nothing about you or them is average.

Because this time of the sun return is a cosmic time of closing, ending and finishing, or completion as I usually call it, it is a time that makes most bodies nervous.

Our culture may be great at many things, but it is lousy with a lot of things too, especially endings and completions.

This weight, pressure, anxiety many of you are experiencing is really the excitement of what you can be finished with – what you no longer need to carry. An unburdening being offered.

The weight of the past holidays can be crippling, so let’s transmute all that pent-up energy into a thriving flow of excitement and help you be a peaceful wonderland in the midst of whatever holiday festivities you are in, no matter who is there.

Imagine – Thanksgiving as a happy time, without having to take on anybody else’s problems or subtext, not having to take care of anyone (unless you have actual children under age) not being responsible for how everyone else experiences every little thing – what a treat!

Imagine – being your own holiday minister of inner joy, peaceful unto your self, enjoying your own company and vibe, dancing to the beat of your own drummer, no matter what anyone else’s mood or opinion is.

Imagine – having the kind of Thanksgiving that for you, is full of peace and joy and the gratitude just bubbles up from you, of its own accord because this year you have the key ingredient that’s been missing all these years and you didn’t even know what it was – You.

Drop all that burden weight that you’ve been trying to manage, that isn’t even yours in the first place, and you will find that One Thing that makes all the difference – you.


Come home to you this holiday season. $33

Let’s do this.



Monday, December 4 at 6:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 Pacific
Clearing expectations
Yours, your families, friends and cultural programming about what is expected of you and the holidays. The financial expectations, food expectations, timing and gifting expectations; the ones that you know about as well as the ones that you don’t even know about.


During the call I address your concerns either directly or indirectly. I can use your name or not, as you prefer and let me know in your email.

Even though this isn’t a private session, it is a deeply personal healing.

Everyone on the call gets the healing their spirit has in mind for them.

The best way to get the most out of the session is to listen with your heart more than your mind – listen for what feels similar, or kindred, or like you, and follow along as though it is your personal session after all.

There’s not much conversation or back and forth during the calls, but there is a way to text chat in the Zoom room. I will be reading the energy of session and won’t be replying in text, but I can reply or answer questions from time to time.

Once complete with the energy and the session, you’ll get the audio and video in your email within 24 hours.

The sessions are great to listen to repeatedly and you’ll get more and more release each time to do. You can have the volume down on low or even mute, or you can intentionally listen and follow along, as you wish. When you forget about them, you’re done.


This is going to be soooo great – I’m so excited for the holiday of your creation, as if by magic!

I am so glad you are here!