Thanksgiving and Fullness

November 21, 2018 Delia Yeager

The busy-season is beginning. The time of year when even if you have everything on your list ticked off or in progress, the very air is excited with “not enough time!” and, “not enough money!” and, “did I do enough?” and, “I’m not enough!” Underneath all the fun and family, all the forced fun and family as well as the actual – it’s like there is a “not enough” bubble machine on every corner of America pumping out, “not enough!!!” excitement chemicals into the very air we breathe.

So tomorrow – Thanksgiving day! – I want to invite you and yours to join a special Thanksgiving Zoom for an hour of energy cleanse and filling up, with the yummies energy there is, for you – YOUR energy. An ultimate “putting the oxygen mask on you,” guided energy work out / meditation.

The commercial focus of this time of year activates/stimulates/excites what I call, “the hole that is not fillable,” aka addiction. The energy of “not enough” that convinces us with the lie of never enough – we can never be enough, have enough, get enough, BE enough, and what’s a worse part that makes the lie almost unbearably painful – others *can*, and only you are deficient.

This lie/programming is what’s underneath the commercial success of Black Friday – “you are not enough so boy this!”

These lies are the shadow side of the engine of the current economy and the more you fill up with your own Infinite energy, the energy of YOU, the spirit, the Cosmic, Infinite Being, the less you “buy” all that stuff, and the more you HAVE, and can enJoy.

Meet me on the zoom tomorrow for a break from the lack and a powerful connecting experience with your infinite Self and your natural state of fullness. The full-ness of You, the spirit, inside and around your amazing body.

3:00 Eastern / 12:00 Pacific
$35 for the live Zoom call and MP3

Click here to sign up now. Registration closes at 2:00 tomorrow, but the MP3 will be available. 

You are an infinite being, and your body has been built and calibrated to your spirit’s vibration – nothing else feels as good as your own energy and it definitely fills you UP. Join me tomorrow for a really great re-connection – with YOU, and enjoy the full-ness of Thanksgiving .

I am so glad you are here!

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