July 12, 2018 Delia Yeager

Thank You!  <3




I have had a most amazing year, and your presence has been a huge part of that!  How did I get so lucky?!! and HDIGABTT? (how does it get any better than this?) Let’s find out!

On my birthday last Monday, as I was communing with my infinite Self about stuff, we wrote the following. I share it with you to inspire & validate you in the same way my Infinite Self inspired and validated me, and inspire you to do your own communing with your Infinite self and have such a moment on your birthday, or any other day you desire. 

Notes from my Self on the occasion of my Birthday

Tell yourself the truth in all things

Allow for yourself, others, places and things to change, end, evolve & grow beyond

If you come to a conclusion remember – Maybe. Maybe not. Conclusions are a wall to Life.

I Am statements are super powers. Use them specifically, and never lightly.

Don’t get to the Pearly Gates, wishing you  had done more fun stuff, seen more sights, met more people

Nothing is wasted, and nothing doesn’t make sense. You just have to get bigger to see It properly.

There are no past mistakes. Only sand in the oyster, creating the pearls of your life. Some were more irritating than others, is all.

Shakespeare was right. About everything.

You were right – Richard Bach’s book Illusions is the only true travel guide to Life on planet Earth.

Emily Dickenson was right – Dwell in Possibilities, but you got it wrong when you thought that means to stay suspended there, as that is not possibilities – that is resistance to LIFE and living.

Body is your soul-mate this lifetime. Treat her outrageously well; stop bossing her around and ignoring her; listen to her more, and ask for her wisdom, insight and power more often. She’s your truest ally.

Your feet and your mouth know more than your head does.

There are no past mistakes – only genius solutions to a moment but you kept repeating it after the moment passed. Course correct now – simply chooses different.

Doing it different is always the way to heal & grow next.

They and “getting” their love never was the answer, or the point.

Everything you were looking for – magic, infinite possibilities, freedom, wildly furtive creativity – it was in you all the time, and after the yellow brick road of living in the time-warner version of the world, you found that out. Good on ya.

You didn’t waste time, you were spending it, living. You were just living by rules, conclusions, assumptions that mostly turned out to be untrue. But you have learned how to undo that, so keep dis-solving (answers/lies) the bars of your old prison.

Getting free IS your mission this lifetime. That, and having as much fun, using as much creative powers as you can. Wahooo You!

What they do and say about you has nothing to do with you.

What you do and say about them is all about you.

Definitions of words is power; definition of people is termination, and lies.

Resistance is the super-glue of the universe; it’s exhausting, a distraction, and not nearly as effective as creating what you desire and can imagine, instead of wrestling with tar.

Sometimes change means blowing up your lile and seeing what you can create out of the new possibilities and the old pieces. I commend you on how you are recreating the past less, and creating new and more imaginative, and engaging, possibilities every day. Turn that up.

Desires are like turn signals – telling you and the U where you want to go/grow next. Turn up the volume on your desires more. (Bonus – that makes the time-warner world nutty)

Want means lack, so keep repeating how you don’t want whatever it is you desire. Repeat it enough, and you’ll keep rolling it whatever it is.

You truly are the miracles and magic, power and force of nature you always knew you were. Now keep enjoying living that.

Homework for 2018-2019: 

How luscious are you willing to have your life be? How luscious are you willing to be with you? In thought, deed and mouth?

(Luscious is not over-indulgence, or self-abandonment; it is not lazy and without action. It is full of presence, intention, choice and ownership – that’s what’s so luscious.)

I encourage you to take up the call – how luscious are YOU willing to have your life be? And jettison anything that doesn’t allow that – Go!


Thank you for being here!

Here’s to making this day, and every day this year, the best EVER!


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