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Everybody Out of the Pool!

Happy New Year to you! Have you noticed the difference in the energy of this year already? Even before it arrived I’ve been noticing this wonderfully playful insistence, like a puppy that won’t take no for an answer, to step up and raise your investment in your own life. To love, romp, create, play and taste this life more, not less! No more waiting for permission, or getting it together, or anything else. Time to bolt and keep in action, towards where you want to go! This morning, the following came through, clear as quarts.   Consciousness and knowledge are…
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Adventures in Living

I am enjoying this very big adventure of being here in Washington DC. I hope you enjoyed the photos of the journey on Facebook. If you missed them, just go back to Dec. 14 – Dec. 17 to see the wonders of traversing America by train. I arrived on Dec. 17th and on New Year’s Eve, I participated as an Energy Reader in the annual New Year’s Eve Psychic Fair at the Sacred Circle Bookstore, on King Street in Old Town Alexandria, not far from George Washington’s neighborhood church, which is still an active family parish church. I read 12…
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Seven Nights Out – The Journey Part 2

Seven more mornings until I board the Coast Starlight at King Street Station in Seattle and embark on my journey to my new life. Embark – what a great word. Embarque – an old French word; to ship. I was in Shipping… international freight, for years… my first career… took me to LA, to import Barbie Dolls for their maker, in irony that was never lost on me or friends who knew me. I came west to get Away. It took some time. It took some doing. And a whole lot of healing but I did succeed. I finally got…
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Validating Your Freedom

The days are rushing by! The warm glow of summer is starting to be punctuated with cooler nights, occasional rainy afternoons, and I have even seen some yellow and red leaves on the pavement in the neighborhood. The roses on the bushes are mostly spent and the prelude to change is in the air. You have been very busy lately too, I have noticed. While many of you are having vacations and going places, a lot of you have been in touch with me, wanting to get on with it already! More about that later. The theme this last week…
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