Stop Scaring Yourself! Clear the gremlins call

May 3, 2018 Delia Yeager

Do you ever feel like you are living at the end of a choke-chain, and you don’t know what evil so-and-so is on the other end?

“Don’t do this. Don’t feel that, You’re going to die a horrible death if you dare to (fill in the blank)”

The threats go on and on. “Naw, it’s not that bad. It’s all pretty reasonable really. It’s just that… well, sometimes…”

Sometimes it seems like nothing you can do, say, think or be is Enough! to get the gremlins to be quiet or take a break. 

The gremlins that say you have to DO good, to make up for your somehow not BEING good – because you’re human and you feel like that person is getting on your last nerve, or that you are at the end of your rope.

As though you are only a lone person, stuck in this one little body that you constantly criticize… 

OMG – you can’t get away from the criticism!

Ever seem like that?

But what if you could live – instead – the other side of all that threatening criticism?

What if you could go to bed smiling, and wake up laughing, looking forward to the day’s adventures? 

What if you could live in the land of dancing and touching, feeling wonderful, singing and listening and taking with friends – people who see the real you and LOVE you? AS you, not as a do-good, trying all the time, exhausted person?

This Saturday, join in the call and feel better fast. 

And whether you are on the call or not, you can get the MP3 and relisten as often as you like, to clear out old habits, old energies, old mandates and old lies, damn lies about how you are not FABULOUS Now. 

Join me on the call this Saturday at 5pm Eastern – 5:00 on 5/5, and bring more of YOU (Infinite Being) into play in your head, and all through your amazing body. 

You can be your best allie instead of your harshest critic. You can be more productive, more fun, have more money/love/opportunities than you never imagined, but not from beating yourself into submission. No, but by loving up on you like you are the saviour, the champion, the best friend and soul-mate you’ve always wanted. 

And you start right here, right now. 

Let’s do this.

Click here to register for the telecall, for this
Saturday, May 5th at 5:00 pm Eastern (2:00 pm Pacific)
and start living the luscious life from right here, right now.
A steal at $50, as you get the MP3 and can relisten again and again, clearing out more gremlins and instilling more of your powerful, Infinite Self instead. 

Join the call to clear the gremlins in your head that beat you down, and bully you, that frighten and threaten you with what might happen, how powerless you are and all the other lies, damn lies, that can attack you in the night, or in the middle of a business meeting. 

Your Sovereignty (and serenity) Matters.

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