Step Up To Your Sovereignty

February 3, 2018 Delia Yeager

I know I say this a lot, but that doesn’t make it any less true –

I really am sooo glad you are here!

You have a lot to do in this life, and all that that is is important. 

Your joy in your everyday life is important.
Your sense of connectedness with the Infinite part of you is important.
Your growing past the limits you or others set for you is important. 

These things are important to me, but that doesn’t matter. It only matters if they are important and valuable to you. 

Your spiritual Sovereignty is not an elective, it’s not a secondary activity, it’s not an entertainment, even though there are many people and institutions that want you to believe that. 

I am really called to – and so honored & inJoy to – facilitate your awakening transformation into living from your sovereign self and to help your body release the trapped energies that prevent that.

In support of you, this weekend I am offering a private healing Package
1 session   $165, limit 2
3 sessions $450,
instead of $600


Whether you are working on finding your next career, helping your body heal in some way, grow your business, bring in more money, fun, travel, clients, possibilities as if by magic, supporting your living with more concrete knowledge of the ease, joy and support that the Universe has for you in every moment of every day, as if by magic, you will want to partake of this special. 

Your Voice is needed in the world.
Now, more than ever.
And by “the world”, I mean your quiet corner of everything. 

This is your time. Step up. Only you can change everything. 

Sale ends midnight 2/4/18. I hope you step up for you. Now. 


I am so glad you are here!