September 21, 2014 Delia Yeager

“That brought tears to my eyes!” was a comment on my FB in response to a New York Ballet video post.

It’s like that right now, isn’t it?

One minute feeling like bursting into song and dance with how fabulous and energizing things are, and the next moment, feeling like bursting into tears at how tired of the same old hardships body is.

It’s almost enough to give you whip-lash, or make you wonder if you aren’t going crazy.

This is actually a sign that things – and you – are changing, as in growth opportunities.

Now, body has a lot of super-powers that it contributes to the Amazing Adventure of Spirit-in-a-body-on-the-planet-at-this-time.

The one this sensation is a sign of is stability. This sense of stasis – things being as they should be – is a definite super-power because it frees up energies and aspects of yourSelf to be devoted to creating, enjoying and manifesting from the fullness of being safe, not currently threatened or under siege.

This is a huge super-power in its natural state. We usually only hear about its shadow side – too security minded, fearful, stuck. But that is for another day.

Remember the image of the little inch-worm? And how as it inches up a stem, it bunches up one itself for a moment, and then – it holds on the bottom and its top is reaching up, unattached to anything! A very precarious moment! That’s when its system may say, “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!” and rightfully so!

That’s why Being IN Present Time is so important. So you can access if this is a danger that needs to be grown through, or a danger that needs to be addressed in some other way, like turning and running? You need to be present to the momentary circumstances to know the answer to that one!

This warning system goes off whenever things are – different. It’s not the warning system’s job to determine if it’s a “good” or “bad” different – that is Your job – You the Spirit that your body-mind can become more conscious of and attuned to. This is where the Present Time super-power comes in.

So – as many of you have told me, and I have myself experienced, these days have that lightening energy – one minute it’s all breakthrough and clear skies, the next it’s all catastrophe and endings – welcome to Fall!

Whether you use the language of astrology, numerology or tea-leaves, change is in the air no matter what the thermostat stays. And it is an important time to Stand BY You – Spirit IN Body – as things change = as you grow.

So next time you find yourself alarmed or upset, instead of dismissing yourself as hypochondriacally or being silly, consider what being On Your Side might look like in that moment – how could you be, think, do – demonstrate that whatever it is, you ARE on your side and curious, interested instead of disapproving.

The world keeps giving us narrower and narrower ways of being – all happy, all sad, all dead, all technical – and we are HUMAN BEINGS! We have HUGE capacities for all kinds of wonders, thoughts and emotions all at the same time!
LIFE Is a Mighty Big Adventure, and We are Up to it! Spiritual Ranger Explorers in Bodies, trekking the wilds of time and space, the jungle gyms of friendships and freedom – all kind of wonders to behold!

And that includes compassion for, comforting (not indulging) and bringing along the smaller, weaker, stuck-er parts of our immense Self along the way.


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