Clear Limits, Directives, Mandates & Vows Now


Is there something that you have been trying to clear, wanting to break through, working on but still not quite getting free from?

Do you want more –

Peace  ~  Money  ~  Confidence  ~  Energy  ~ Healthier body  ~  Ease in Relationships

What if you could DO

  • Specific energy techniques in real-time daily
  • A Daily energy healing practice
  • Clear away energies that are not truly yours
  • Release old ties to people, places & thing that turned to dust long ago
  • Clear the way for more of your people, your abundance, your thriving to find you
  • Know what tools to use in every situation, to heal, clear and empower you?

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, this program is for you.

We can meet build the program to suit your needs.


3 sessions, for an intense focus on your mission

  • You get –
    – 3 sessions focused on clearing the layers of what is in your way
    – plus enhancing and building your capacity to receive, have and luxuriate in what you want
    – guidance on things you can do to build these muscles going forward
    – MP3 of sessions healings to re-listen to when you want

6 sessions to get a stronger foundation & more techniques under your belt

You get –
– Training in sensing, feeling and being aware of your body’s messages and communication to you
– Daily writing & noticing homework
– Techniques that you will be using as things come up in your daily life
– MP3 of guided meditation or Energy Cleansing Workout – energy hygiene that keeps you fit

You know what you want to accomplish. You know now is the time. Let’s do this.

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