Spiritual Living Practice – Training Program


You already have a lot of sensations and experiences that you don’t understand and can’t explain.

You walk into a room and know the emotional states of everyone else before you know it. You may perceive things in them that they don’t even acknowledge, or want you to know.

You don’t know what to do with these energies that don’t belong to you.

You are under the impression that you need to do something about anything and everything that crosses our conscious awareness; this is not true.

You know you sponge up too much of other people’s energies, and that something’s got to change, because you can’t live like that anymore, but what to do?

What if you could know what is yours, and what is not?
What if you could notice other people’s energies, but release them as fast as you are aware?
What if you could accurately identify and respond productively to the sensations of your body?
What if you could really and practically have your own back, and move energies that cloud or block you?

This is why I created the Spiritual Living Practice Training Program.



First, you need to start learning and practicing your awareness of your own energy system in and around your own body.

You will have daily homework practices to incorporate into your daily life, to bring more of YOU, your Infinite Self, into your body, decisions, choices, conversations and everything.

There is a daily writing practice, first thing in the morning, were you can start to get in touch and clear your communication with your higher self, and improve your body-emotion-mind relationship and communication, as well as your big Self – little self aspects of yourself.

There are the I Am Statements that you can recite to yourself many times during the day, starting with that first moment of consciousness in the morning and ending with that last moment before you fall asleep.


You’ll start with practicing and sensing when you are grounded, then your awareness of your aura being all around you, then the rest of your energy system, building more stability every week.

As you practice and build our awareness and spiritual technique muscles, your body will feel lighter, brighter yet more full of You, Spirit, in and with your precious body. Improved sleeping, more peace and joy in your daily and night life, more ease and seeing more “coincidences”, more and more often.


And since you’ve already experienced significant traumas, pain and upset in your life, some that interfere with your spirit – body relationship and alliance of trust and co-operation, some part of each session will also be focused on the healing you need, in Present Time.

We’ll clear and cleanse your system of the energies and/or entities that have been tripping you up or making your body feel bad, and in time you will learn how to do aspects of the healing for yourself, in real time, in the field.


Session Format

Running Your Energy

We start with your noticing and reporting what’s been your favorite technique, what’s given you the most relief, in the past week, and why. You’ll take 3 – 5 minutes to tell me of an area of pain or confusion for you in your life this week, and we will look at the healing that your system is asking for.

You will receive a Welcome Packet with the initial base-line homework, which gives you the empowerment in your daily life. Homework is added to and can change, but basic homework is a constant part of your new practice of live AS spirit in your amazing body.

You get tools, techniques, learn how to sense-identify accurately what is going on for you and how to facilitate yourself in that moment.

We meet weekly at the same day/time as much as possible but of course, changes are made as we go.

            Nothing feels as good as YOUR ENERGY in your body.

Like a music class, the important part is the daily practice of standing by you and against no one in every-day life.

Phone sessions are a little talking, but mostly energy work – practicing your energy work, your asking questions about what came up during the previous week, but mostly the guided energy work-out and healing work, to get your body the relief, release and sense of where you are growing into.

More You, right here, right now.

For some people this Practice and training is a perfect fit, an answer to so many questions. I have many clients who are seriously committed to their spiritual growth and healing, and work together on an ongoing basis. And I have other clients who have invested in getting their daily Practice developed and in place and after some time, they train on an every other week schedule. The schedule is customized for your maximum thriving.


If you are ready to start this daily practice and deeply healing training program, let’s get started.

Contact me by phone at (703) 531-8756 or email at delia@deliayeager.net and let’s do this.



I would recommend this for anyone willing to make a commitment to change how they relate to their emotions and how to achieve some peace from the incessant inner turmoil of thoughts that plague many of us.

I have done a lot of different personal development work for over 33 years (I’m 64).  I have found this work to be very effective and present a different perspective from what I have encountered in the past.  Although I’ve always known I’m more cerebral than emotional, I was pretty surprised to discover how out of touch with my emotions I have been. 

In the past, I pretty much just tried to meditate to get through uncomfortable feelings.  I have since learned to listen to my emotions to understand what they were trying to tell me.  This has not been easy or comfortable but the results have been pretty amazing. 

I want to be clear I am not one of these “oh this work was what turned me around financially and my life was a mess before” (although in some ways that may be true).  Before working with Delia, I had my own consulting business for 18 years, written 5 books, been considered a thought-leader in my industry, have a great marriage (30 years), 4 great kids with great spouses, and 6 grand-children. 

I turned to Delia after a series of seriously bad decisions that have hurt my company and put me in emotional turmoil. 

I have been clear for a long time how our childhood events form a lot of our present behavior.  But I had no real understanding of how these behaviors can be so very self-sabotaging.  Or, to be more candid, that _I_ could do things like this.  Working with Delia has helped me understand the ineffective manner in which I had worked with my emotions as well as the underlying beliefs I have held that have caused much of the self-sabotage. 

This work is not immediate – there is no silver bullet.  Self-improvement takes work.  But it has been a steady improvement (I’ve been working with Delia for about 3 months now).  I have made great progress in my abilities to honor myself and work through my emotions in an effective way.  By this I mean to understand what they are trying to tell me and how to let them flow appropriately.   

I have found working with Delia to be one of the most important things I have done.  I’m also clear about her commitment to me and love for me, and I’m sure, all of her clients.  Bottom line is that I heartily recommend her for anyone who is serious about learning how to let your more effective being out.  You have to do the work, but Delia will give you great tools and support.

Al Shalloway, CEO

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