Every body knows about buying a home because it feels right, or good.

Every body knows about a space feeling funky, or haunted, or just not right.

Every body knows when something bad happened in a place.

When I was a kid, there were lots of wooded areas still left, since they hadn’t been developed yet.

My brothers and I would trek through the woods and go down to the bayou looking for tadpoles or diamondback rattlesnakes if we were unlucky.

I remember there was this one area of the woods off Sage Road that had a little creek running through it that was a good place to find tadpoles, but we didn’t like going there without the Big Kids because it felt creepy.

Next to that spot, on the other side of the church they’d built, was another wooded area.

I would go and lay on the picnic table, looking up through the green of the pine trees to the bright blue and and white of the sky and clouds.

I’d ask questions as I lay there, and wait to see if answers drifted into my head, which they most always did. Either while I was still there, or later.

I asked “the woods” about what was so creepy about that other part of the woods.

It “occurred” to me that there had been a man, wrongly accused of something, mostly guilty of just being black. He’d been chased, with mean dogs, through that woods. He was trying to get away to save his own life, since he hadn’t done what he was accused of, and knew there was no way the whites wouldn’t just string him up and lynch him where they found him. And that’s what had happened in those woods a long time ago.

I got this information, as I lay there on the picnic table, crying. I asked what could be done? How could I help?

The wind and the trees and the dead man all said that I could help by setting him free.

I asked how I could do such a thing.

The wind and the trees said to listen to his story. So I did.

He told me what had happened, who had done the bad thing, how he go accused because the real wrong doer was the son of the rich white man that everyone was scared of, and how he missed his wife and kids, worried about them, and felt so bad for leaving them.

I was a kid, but I knew what he meant. I knew what it was to be discounted as not real, not significant, as not mattering at all.

I said he did all he could do. He’d done as fine a job as anyone could have, and that I was certain his wife and kids knew he loved them.

We talked a while longer as I sat there on the picnic table, until he felt heard, and complete.

Then he thanked me, and said he’d be moving on now.

The wind and the sky got bright and the breezy and suddenly the world felt fresh and new again.

I never told anybody about it because – obviously – they’d think I was crazy.

But whenever we went in that woods after that, I felt like it was a safe and loving place. Like there was an angel watching over me. 

That’s one of the first times I talked to someone dead that want a family member.

Since then I have trained and worked successfully with thousands of beings-without-bodies. Some benign and lost, but a lot of more troubled and less than benign entities as well.

I have worked with entities extensively for the past decade. I’m experienced at worked with energies that were trapped, menacing, lost, hopeless and otherwise.

I have no interest in exploiting or getting particularly involved with their story. 

I help them heal, get unstuck and move on.


If you have an apartment, home or office, or a property that has energies trapped or lost there, that make odd or creepy things happen, or simply a disturbed and disturbing energy, and you don’t want to contact and talk to the energy but specifically want it cleared and removed, give me a call.

This is an important time in consciousness development, and it is time for all entities, with and without bodies, get the help they need to unstick and move on.

E-mail me at delia@deliayeager.net to make an appointment to talk over your case, and let’s see if I can help you get the relief you need, and the release the energy needs.


Rates range from $375 to $2,500 (think apartment to ranch or high-rise) depending on the energy and the size of the property. Travel time and expenses are additional to this fee.


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