Your spiritual sovereignty is absolute all across the dimensions, but here on planet Earth, clothed in your physical body, in a time and culture that denies the magnitude of You, infinite Being in a body, it all gets a bit murky.

In this Sovereignty Healing – LOVING YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT you will get the custom clearing/healing that you need to start owning your space, your life, your body, sex, success, freedom and everything I haven’t mentioned, 100%.

Imagine what it might feel like to totally be on your side… to not second guess or criticize yourself…. to see yourself clearly and with your self-validation in perfect balance, so your BS detector and your self congratulations are in ideal balance, seeing yourself clearly, able to make the correct adjustments and course corrections, but without the corrosive self-loathing-judgments

I can tell you, it feels luscious, phenomenal, unstoppable and fabulous.

When you are completely on your side, and all aspects of body-mind-personality are in alignment and agreement with Spirit-Self being in charge, that’s when things can pop, problems disappear and previously unimagined possibilities instantly appear as if by magic.


Loving up on you is not an emotion, an entertainment, or an elective, but a necessity, and a lack of arrogance.

It is the height of arrogance to not love the infinite, divine aspect that you truly are.

YOU the spirit are the source of all that you experience in this lifetime. Having a better understanding of how your system works – energetically, emotionally, analytically, spiritually – reduces mental and emotional stress, dysfunction based on miss-information,  wear and tear on your emotional state, relationships with others, including your higher self, your bosses, bank account, income, eating, health and every other aspect of your life.

Sleep better. Have a truer, more up-to-date notion of who and what you are, as well as what the events of your life truly mean to and about you, not just that old, draining story you’ve had in mid for years.

Connect – in ways you can sense-feel and know – with your higher self, and learn how to be honest about what’s going on, tell yourself the truth in every moment, and start living from that point of relief of no barriers and nothing left to hide, and in time be filled with the joy of getting to be you every day, because you finally truly know the value of You.

You are the greatest contributor, champion, savior, asset, income generator and everything else in your life.

If you aren’t valuing you, you aren’t valuing the All That Is and Everything.

It’s time. Time you care and feed your deepest good, your whole Self, and treat your well-being as the valuable potency that it truly is. Using your powers truly as the force for good and not evil in your own life leads to contributing that greatness, and not your old fears, into the world.

You’ll get:

The healings/clearings that are most up for you at the time of the call, to really dig deep for your liberation and ease, grace, power and joy

An MP3 of the session that you can listen to again and again  

Homework – written acknowledgments and validation as you notice how your life is improving with your use of the techniques, and more

Techniques that you can call on, at the office, on your commute, and at home with friends and family
If you want to be empowered with the new tools and information that you need to fully heal and thrive, change and grow into the fabulous person you truly be, let’s get started.

Call me at (703) 531-8756 or email at Let’s set up a time to talk and see if this work is a great fit for what you want to accomplish in your spiritual life.


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