Sovereignty as Spiritual & Social Activism

December 8, 2017 Delia Yeager

So often when I am talking with people about their health and well-being, at some point they will bring up the need to be informed, especially these days with how fast things happen and how often crazy things happen.

I know people who are on social media for hours a day, reading newspaper articles as well as what their friends have shared, commenting among the likeminded, and even “trying to educate,” those they disagree with.

I hear people standing around in shops, discussing the same, sharing what’s on their FB or Tweet feed – for hours.


I understand the urge and value to be informed.

During the Vietnam war, it was the news showing video of what was happening on the ground there that really galvanize the American people to protest our involvement in that war. The photographs of that war used in print media are still potent and put a real face on war, also fueling anti-war activism. The photos of the coffins of the soldiers coming off the planes are a testament to the waste of human life to feed the war profit machinery.

That’s why you see so few of these images since then.

It isn’t that there aren’t award winning and heart-stopping images of war today; it is that the Machine of Avarice always finds ways to shut down opposition.

The photographs worked to end our involvement in Vietnam, so such images are not allowed any longer.

Whenever We-the-people find a way to break though, the Machine of Avarice will shut that path down.

That’s why you see looting and burning, like in LA after the Rodney King verdict and all the other times the thwarted and oppressed were cut off from their own voice, muted by contempt and the ignorance of those in power; their own words twisted and turned against them one too many times, so they resort to communicating with The Man in the only vocabulary He understands – stuff and money. Burning and looting is not for the stuff – it is rebelling against not being heard.

So today with all the insanity, all the morally reprehensible as well as all the amazing women speaking up and out, with all that’s going on, in so many direction, on so many channels, there’s still the idea that you should be informed, as an expression of your being a responsible, caring, intelligent person of the world.


Let me point out a couple of differences. In the 1960’s there were 3 TV stations, not 300 or 3,000. There were standards and practices that were agreed upon and taken seriously, and upheld. They could not pull the kind of shenanigans that go on now.

So, in the 1960’s you could be informed by spending 30 min reading the newspaper and 30 minutes watching the national news, and if you were really dedicated, 30 minutes of local news.

90 minutes a day as opposed to the addiction cycle of 24/7 speculation talk that may contain 5 actual news items but 35 hours of speculation talk.

Are you comparing how time you spend on listening and reading, sorting through all the swill that passes for information these days with informing yourself in the world before cable? That’s rather like comparing apples and patio furniture. It’s not a fair or even comparison.

They may not have had as much information in the 1960’s, but they certainly didn’t have the tsunami of swill, lies and intentionally distorted misinformation to sort through, either.

And all that takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, as well as context.

All of this in itself is outrageous, but how is your personal, biological stomach acid, lack of sleep, emotionally upset outrage going to help the world? It can’t.

But your anger and actions can.

Anger helps to galvanize you into action. It gives you the spark, the torque, the push-off power to get out of your head and into the world.

Your actions are what’s required.

If you work in government, you’re taking that kind of action.

If you do not work in government, and you are never going to run for office or hold office, or help other people in a campaign to run for office, do not spend your life-force on the shop talk of a profession you are never going to have.

Instead, spend your life-force energy on making the improvements you want to see nationally in your own mind-talk, in your own relationships with neighbors, the people who work at the grocery story, in how you behave towards your friends, loved ones and that crabby neighbor up the street.

WALK your talk in the physical world, as well as in your virtual world.

Consider what you are contributing to the world on your FB and Tweet feeds.

What are you spreading in the world?  More problem? Or more solution?

Needing to excavate the wound is valid, but get professional help, no just any joe on the FB feed.

“Being the change” is as important now as protesting was in the 1960’s.

Tarana Burke created and founded #metoo

The world needs more humanity and reasoning adult behavior, not more endless hours of kitties balance out endless hours of black ops and lies for information.


In a world that is building a case against the value of humanity, and treating each other humanely, your actions speak louder than ever.



Pay attention to what your body, sensations and emotions are trying to tell you.

Journal, to explore and discover your inner life and Self.

Value your own presence and peace of mind over everything.

Connect with and as your Spirit, Infinite self, early and often until it’s all day everyday for you.

DO what is in your power to do; care for your body-mind, watch your thoughts and choices, do what support your wholeness and wellness.

BE a safe place for you to be.

Honesty about What Is, and loving life anyway.

THIS is revolution, baby.