Something Big is Brewing – Brene Brown on Netflix

April 27, 2019 Delia Yeager

Have you seen Brene Brown’s “The Call to Courage” on Netflix?

I watched most of it late last night, and I loved it.

She’s from my hometown, Houston, and reminds me a lot, in looks, accent, and wacky humor, of one of my cousins. And she teaches at U of H, where my father taught.

See how many connections I feel with her? And from her popularity, I bet you have just as detailed a list of how you feel connected to her.

And why is that?

Because she is real, herself, AND making her contributions to the world  – loud, proud and with determination.

There is a point when she says to the crowd of what looks like 1,000 people more or less – how many of ya’ll know that I am an extreme introvert… okay, and how many of you are, too? Raise your hands. and all these hands go up and these sounds of validation from the crowd.

You gotta watch it, if you’re ready to come out of your shell, to come out of hiding.

Tonight on FB she posted this:

It’s clear that the days of “engineering smallness and playing it safe to avoid criticism” are over.
What a CRAZY, fun, SCARY moment in Times Square. There was a lot of screaming.

Doesn’t screaming from joy, excitement and liberation sound a lot more fun than screaming for fear your own life will never begin?!


I called this email Something Big is Brewing because, well, it is. Not for everyone, sure, but if you are one of those of us who can feel it, either pressure building, or you can’t keep your mouth shut anymore, or you can’t keep saying the same old crap anymore – however it’s manifesting for you, if it is, then I’ve got something for you.

Brene talks about vulnerability and authenticity, and I talk about standing by you, and being on your side, and other people say other things.

Every step on the path is valid, but when you’re past a point, that point is no only no longer attractive, it has an “ick factor” to it.

You know you are done with something when you have consciously evolved through not seeing it at all, noticing its shadow, being curious where it came from and how you got it, to seeing it “self-defeating,” or, “self-sabotaging,” tp coming to understand what it was gifting you, to really being grateful for all the service, to just being flat annoyed or bored by it, to the ick factor of being over it, but still recent enough to have enough of a charge to go, “Ough – not thhaaaat!” That’s healing/change in a nutshell.

Until you are ready to change, the strategies may seem where your safety come from, or where your power is, or what makes your life/job/relationship possible, so you wouldn’t want to let go of them – yet. That’s cool.

But look – if you are done with something – playing small, putting others before you, invalidating yourself, agreeing with (whoever) that you don’t matter as much as they do, putting yourself down, not valuing yourself – then let’s do something about that.

I’ve spent years reading people, reading blocks and energies, and working with the helper being entities we hire to keep that crap in place.

I can read energy, verbalize things and help get to the hub of it all, AND help you release it with a remarkable level of ease, joy and glory – and amusement – as we go.

If you are happy, engineering staying small, dropping piano’s on your toe so you don’t step out of line, and all the rest, enjoy!

However, if you are D O N E with cheating yourself out of how fabulous LIFE IS and can be for you, let’s get started.

I have 3 openings for a 3 or 6-month weekly program.

This weekend I invite you to invest in yourself in ways you maybe never have before.

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Hope to see you soon.