Personal Development

No more hiding.
No more second-guessing yourself.
No more feeling like a fraud.
No more feeling lost, clueless, haunted or alone.


Maybe you are ready to learn how to be consciously aware of your energy system, a form of daily meditation that builds your spiritual muscles and improving today but that also has a great cumulative effect of strengthening, enriching and empowering yourself in your life, healing and manifesting. We can do that.


Maybe you are ready to receive more the specialized Healing and Clearing sessions I do on a regular basis, to get you through a rough patch, or a growth period or the challenges of having more of what you want in life – love, success, money, time, joy, fun, serenity, excitement without the nutty. We can do that. 


Maybe you are ready to go deep, get the training and support to heal deep and thrive beyond what you ever dared to believe possible before. 

Maybe you have been aware of weird things happening to you; of a feeling of being cursed or like you somehow come and go; an awareness of other beings or entities that take over or taunt you, and you are ready to get rid of them, even if you aren’t sure you can. We can do that, too.


Maybe you are starting your own business, or ready to take your business to the next level but you keep hitting some kind of glass ceiling, and you feel like there is nothing you can do to create MORE in your business or your life. We can do something about that, too.


Whatever you are ready for more of in your life, the techniques in the Daily Practice and others that you can use in real-time, throughout your day, will help you experience life in new and amazing ways, empowering you and helping you feel more like anything is possible than ever before.


Packages are customized to fit your needs. We can work together in training rounds of 6, or 12.  The first 4 sessions are roughly half your learning the energy practice aka meditation and techniques and half for actual clearings & healing work.  You will get the MP3 of the call within 24 hours, so you can practice the meditation as well as reply the clearing/healings.

Other customizable features are available, so let’s talk.

If NOW is the time for you to get real about your thriving, freedom and creating your dream life, email me at or call me at (703) 531-8756  or  (206) 452-3557.

If you’ve read this far, you are ripe for this experience and sovereignty in your life, and I am so glad you are here!

Let’s do this!


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