Delia Yeager

Spiritual Living Practice



No more wallflower.

No more waiting.

No more hiding. 

You are done with all that.

You are ready to do whatever it takes…

to go to bed smiling and wake up laughing. 

How often do you find yourself in conversation with a friend and by the end of your time together, you feel drained, exhausted, and hopeless?

Or, you know that other friend who every time you talk to her you feel worse and worse about your life, your prospects and what’s possible for you, or her, or anyone?

And what about those family members who have been telling you all your life what is and isn’t possible for you? How great they are and how not great you are; how amazing their performance is, while how dubious yours is? How bright their future is and how “less than” yours is?

What if you have unconsciously been giving their version of reality your energy, validation and credibility?

What if you have been making their reality real?

What if you can be consciously aware of what you are doing with your energy? What if you can call yours back to you, as well as send theirs back to them?

What if you could be energized and looking forward to the adventures of your life, no matter what mood anyone around you is in?

Being you and loving up on Life.

What if you could enjoy the fact that you are covered, watched over, protected, by your own higher Self and the Universe, and you had overwhelming evidence proving that to you, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in?

You have let me know that you are ready – ready to take charge of your own life, starting with your feelings.

You’re done with feeling bad and sad as default.

You are ready to go to bed smiling, and wake up laughing, looking forward to the day’s and week’s adventures.

You are ready to stand tall in your power, spending your energy making the world a fabulous place to be, starting inside your own skin. It is here, inside you, that the world becomes fabulous.

No longer being limited by what others say you can and can’t do – to be what Carl Rogers called a “Self Actualized Person” – on your own terms, on your own two feet, radiating and owning your power.

No more wallflower. Time to empower your true Self all the way.

You Get: 

  • Weekly or bi-weekly private sessions
  • Techniques and practices that you can use in real time
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • mp3s to help guide your energy work between calls

Or, put another way, you get

  • Better quality of sleep
  • Growing ease and comfort in all your relationships, including money, work, joy & all emotions
  • Growing your business, as if by magic (meaning less stress!)
  • More free time
  • Better balance in your time and attention
  • Less ADHD and more “Ahhhhh!”

This commitment to your way of being in the world –  empowers you every day.

This is a commitment to your higher Self, your Spirit, to do and be all the radiant fabulousness that you as spirit came here to do and be.

Now is the time.

Others who have worked with me will tell you they feel more themselves than ever before. They stand in their power. Their world is fabulous and from that place, all the world is transformed. You want this for you.

Testimonials from Current Clients

“I knew I was spirit with a body, but I had never felt it until I used this grounding technique and started doing this work with Delia. She makes things make sense and easy to do. Since I have been working with Delia, I have become calmer at work and less stressed to be there. I can be on my side even when the old stupid stuff is going on. I feel better after every session, and have great tools to use during the day. I recommend this program for sure.”    – Anna P

I sleep much better. Not every night, but overall. I can stand to be at work, even with all the nonsense. My body doesn’t ache so much. My neck and shoulders only hurt me now when there is some foreign energy there, and now I know how to get rid of it. For the first time in my life, I don’t wake up and ask myself all day long, “Am I safe?” Now when my body asks that, I know how to answer it, what to do to make me safe. It’s unbelievable to me. Thank you, Delia.  – Tina

Session Format

Sessions are by teleconference. You’ll receive the call-in information after you’ve committed to your sessions.

Call at the appointed time/date.

All calls are LIVE and we work with the energy of the moment. It might be blocks, or whatever else your Higher Self wants to address in that day’s session. Since each call is customized for you, there may be some variations but here’s the general format:

We begin with your talking for 5-15 minutes about what you’ve noticed in the past week, what you want to work on, and what’s been stopping you in the past week.

Then we do the energy work and/or healing that is coming up for you in that moment.

We’ll send you the mp3 of the session within 24 hours.

You can relisten to the call with the same focus you brought to the session and keep on working on the energy, but you can also just have the mp3 on in the background as you do the dishes or cook dinner.

One More Testimonial

I would recommend this for anyone willing to make a commitment to change how they relate to their emotions and how to achieve some peace from the incessant inner turmoil of thoughts that plague many of us.

I have done a lot of different personal development work for over 33 years (I’m 64).  I have found this work to be very effective and present a different perspective from what I have encountered in the past.  Although I’ve always known I’m more cerebral than emotional, I was pretty surprised to discover how out of touch with my emotions I have been. 

In the past, I pretty much just tried to meditate to get through uncomfortable feelings.  I have since learned to listen to my emotions to understand what they were trying to tell me.  This has not been easy or comfortable but the results have been pretty amazing. 

I want to be clear I am not one of these “oh this work was what turned me around financially and my life was a mess before” (although in some ways that may be true).  Before working with Delia, I had my own consulting business for 18 years, written five books, been considered a Thought Leader in my industry, have a great marriage (30 years), four great kids with great spouses, and six grandchildren. 

I turned to Delia after a series of seriously bad decisions that have hurt my company and put me in emotional turmoil. 

I have been clear for a long time how our childhood events form a lot of our present behavior.  But I had no real understanding of how these behaviors can be so very self-sabotaging.  Or, to be more candid, that I could do things like this.  Working with Delia has helped me understand the ineffective manner in which I had worked with my emotions as well as the underlying beliefs I have held that have caused much of the self-sabotage. 

This work is not immediate – there is no silver bullet.  Self-improvement takes work.  But it has been a steady improvement (I’ve been working with Delia for about three months now).  I have made great progress in my abilities to honor myself and work through my emotions in an effective way.  By this I mean to understand what they are trying to tell me and how to let them flow appropriately.   

I have found working with Delia to be one of the most important things I have done.  I’m also clear about her commitment to me and love for me, and I’m sure, all of her clients.  Bottom line is that I heartily recommend her for anyone who is serious about learning how to let your more effective being out.  You have to do the work, but Delia will give you great tools and support.

Al Shalloway, CEO