Delia Yeager



Energy is not limited by time nor technology, so mp3s are a great way to have clearing energy on call, whenever and wherever you need it.
Your “energy workout” is available anytime you want to move forward with your healing! Listen as often as you like, turned down low in the background, or while you are sitting quietly in a chair.
These clearing calls are about 40-50 minutes long.


$ Money Clearing Call $

The stranglehold we have put on money through cultural stories and beliefs can be pretty astounding. Some of our reasoning, though well intentioned, can be inaccurate.  The danger is that it’s repeated so often it’s now conventional wisdom.  Bring money to you!
This mp3 workshop focuses on clearing the blocks, limitations and lies in your relationship with money. Explore why money can or can’t come to you and feel not just relief – but a release.

Clearing Time

Remember summers lasting forever when you were a kid? Remember being lost in a luxuriously long walk by the beach or in the forest when there seemed to be no such thing as time?

This mp3 workshop looks at operating from this space, with Time Being on Your Side – not just a thought, notion or concept but a palpable fact. What if you could know the bendable nature of Time that lives in chronic, relentless support of you?

Time is on Your side