Delia Yeager


$ Money $


On this call we clear blocks, limitations and lies about money and you. 

The stranglehold most of us have on money through the cultural stories and limiting beliefs is pretty astounding.

Reason says a whole lot of stuff, and some of it is riddled with inaccurate information repeated so often it has become conventional wisdom.

Let’s clear away some of the concrete lies about how money can or can’t come to you.
This work shop will be not just a relief, but a release.

Clearing Time


What if you could experience Time as being On Your Side?

Not just a thought, or a notion or a concept, but a palpable fact?

What if you could experience Time being On Your Side the way you’ve experienced angels or helpers or the Universe as being on your side?

What if you can know that the bendable nature of time can live in chronic, relentless support of you?


These clearing calls are about 40-50 minutes long.

Enjoy the guided meditation aka energy work-out, using techniques you can take into real-time of your life, and enjoy the release and relief of clearing out blocks, lies, old oaths, vows, promises, spells, and anything else that robs your present time infinite self from any old limits and bonds that no longer serve your greatest good and thriving here, now.

The healing/clearing energy on the MP3 is permanent and available on every listening.  Listen as often as you like, turned down low and in the back ground, or while you are sitting quietly in a chair, doing the workshop right along with us on the call. It’s energy – it’s not restricted to the limited concepts of our capacities.