Sometimes you need the assistance of someone outside of you, that you can trust, to help you have a clearer view, a truer perspective of what is going on in your life, or even in your head.

A Session is a combination of hearing about the energy blocks and strategies you’ve been using that you’re outgrowing, so they are manifesting as

  • irritablity
  • frustration
  • sleeplessness or fitful sleeping
  • digestion troubles
  • tight neck and shoulders
  • shallow breathing
  • headaches
  • woozie headed
  • waves of nausea
  • distractedness
  • procrastination
  • tiredness
  • chronic “rat brain” that fevered thinking that leads nowhere

These sessions help to remove the blocks and energies that constrict or obstruct your natural healing flow, so you can experience more

  • peace
  • energized
  • amusement (the highest healing vibration there is)
  • enthusiasm
  • overall sense of well-being
  • fullness, richness feeling
  • empowered
  • “can do!” energy
  • ease in your own body, your own skin
  • easier remembering, thinking
  • less rat-brain
  • easier communication
  • easier knowingness
  • better communication
  • better results in all that you do

Questions? Email me at or phone

(703) 531-8756 in the DC area or

(206) 452-3557 in the Seattle area

Energized. Empowered. Emboldened to Embody You. 

be clear be you

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