Get clarity about what’s going on

Get the sense of the infinite possibilities that you’ve not yet even thought of

Get the sense of your own Infinite Self that does the manifesting in your life

Sense/Feel the relief and power of being YOU

Break through the limited notions that have been keeping you boxed in, and THRIVE instead

The more body gets to feel/sense/experience the benefits of being spirit in body = RELIEF & COMPREHENSION – the more the 2 aspects can improve and THRIVE in relationship, your ability to count on and rely on each other in predictable ways that work for you in the physical world.

In a session you may let go of

– something that you thought was right but isn’t;

– energies, ideas, emotions, beliefs that you thought were yours but never were

– loyalties to people, places and things that you would not now chose to be loyal to

so your body can finally stand down, relax, have more fun-satisfaction-money, sleep better, stop having neck pain, or any number of improvements.

Connect with the infinite possibilities that are all around and within YOU and that changes everything!

People often report having the peace of mind, or a sense of safely, or a confidence in knowing what to do next that they weren’t expecting. Some even report distinct shifts in their eyesight and hearing abilities. “The room is brighter!” is a common response at the end of a session.

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