Self Talk & Second Guessing Healing Call

You know all those mean things you say to yourself? Especially all the No you can’t: No you’re not allowed: No No No to being YOU?

On this call we’ll call up more of that icky energy and then – we’ll transform it.

This is not the usual clear the water in the river by adding something or taking something out.

When the bed of the river is silt and mud, it is easy to get the bottom all stirred up and turn the water murky, and impossible to see through.

But this work is changing the bed of the river from mud to stone and rock, so the water starts to run clear and bright all the time, which also makes it easier and more immediate to know when something murky and icky is showing up – and what to do with that as well! How does it get any better than this?! Be on the call and find out!

Self-talk your way to more possibilities, health/time/money/love/fun instead of the same-old-same-old lack and less!

After you watch and do the clearings, email me at and tell me what came up for you, how your body responded, or any questions you might have. I love hearing from you.