Can You Love Yourself Anyway? Say Yes!

October 9, 2016 Delia Yeager

As you may have noticed, things are changing quite a bit these days.

Some of you are having a great time, releasing and relieving yourself from old bonds, promises, decisions, conclusions, self identities and other limitations.

Some of you are having a more challenging time with the changes.

I’m inviting you, no matter how hard or challenging a time you are having, to be on your side in the very moments that are most intense  To not judging yourself; to instead of the old habit of making it a character defect problem, or a personal problem, like you are the only one on the planet in this pickle, take that moment of heat and choose to stand by you.

Let’s say you’re working on changing an old behavior, an old habit, and you find yourself, once again, doing that same old thing, again.

In that moment of recognition, when it hits you like a ton of bricks that you have done *that* thing, again — in that moment, ask this question:loveyourself2

“Can I love myself anyway?”

And declare the answer, “Yes.”

Act as if loving yourself unconditionally is more VALUABLE to you than blaming/guilting/judging and abandoning yourself, just like you always did, just like you were taught in the past.

Because really – when has picking on yourself, riding yourself hard, and beating yourself up EVER helped – anything?

Never. Never has, never will, and in fact, can’t help, anything, anyone, ever.

That kind of riding yourself hard is actually learned abuse, in a culture riddled with it.

Love is the greatest power, but it is not an emotion alone. It is action steps, a way of life, a choice made in every moment, like the choice to Be On Your Side.

We are in the times of secrets coming out, wounds weeping, and old trusted ways of being that are not health-promoting but have been socially accepted for a long time (15 – 2,500 years or so) are no longer working, and are being revealed as the bastardizations and misinformed choices that they are.

This critical mass time is not personal, though it is happening for so many people in their personal lives.

It is a time of consciousness rising on a global scale, and you are part of this because you, as spirit, want to be here, in a body, at this time.

You came here to be part of this transformation, on purpose.

If you are committed to living from your greatness and are ready for some assistance in getting that elephant of misinformation out of your head, or off your chest, reply to this email and let’s set up a session for you.
You, as spirit, have got this, no question. But if your body-mind-personality could use some support, let’s do this.

Your participation and your breakthroughs are important, no only to the planet
and your friends and loved ones, but for your thriving. Your thriving well being
and joyful living really do matter.

Be well, and Be On Your Side.
Just REPLY to this email if you have any questions.

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Peace + love + big changes!

White water rafting is more fun when you have the right tools.


Be. You. Now.

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