Self love is not optional – it is essential

February 16, 2018 Delia Yeager

Self love is not optional – it is essential.
Self love is not an elective.
Self love is not something you get around to after making everyone else happy.

Self love is how you change and heal the world. It’s also how you thrive, empowered and safe, no matter what.  Click here to sign up now.

Lack of self love creates wars, inside and in how you see the world, and in your thoughts, deeds and reactions.

Lack of self love creates suspicion, tension, cycles of self-loathing and despair.

The little boy raised being told he is nothing and a nobody can grow up to want nothing more than to destroy everything around him, to make everyone else feel as rotten as he does, even when he hasn’t identified that he feels rotted.

Whereas a child that had a problematic and traumatic childhood can find the path and people that support a growing self awareness and self love, self redemption, and then that child spends their life aware of iniquities, but doing all in their power to create those paths of healing out of that trauma cycle for others. Click here to sign up now.

Self love is not indulgent, or an elective, or a nice thing to do when you complete your to-do list of care-taking of others.

Self love is what makes you a safe place to be – inside your skin. 

Self love helps you clear out the lies and misinterpretations of who you are and what’s possible for you, others and the world.

The people who do not want you strong, clear, and thriving are the ones who are invested in your being off your game, lost in self-doubt and second guessing yourself. Do you really want to give them what they want? Hell, no!
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Join us tomorrow on the Clearing-Healing call, to clear out blocks to your being able to experience the bright potency and power of You – Infinite being with your amazing body.

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Saturday, Feb. 17 at 12noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern time $48
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If you want to read more… keep going. 😉

  What if when you do that thing you swore to yourself you’d never do again, instead of getting washed away in the shame cascade and abandon yourself in a tsunami of self judgement, blame and criticism, what if instead, you rushed to your own aid, to laugh in amusement at how you’ve fallen for the judgement-lie training that is so prevalent in our culture, but you refuse to abandon yourself to the wolves of self-loathing, and instead are going to hold your hand and stand by you as you chose a different way to exist – loving your adorable, powerful Self?
IF you could have that, would you take it?    Read more – click here…..

I hope you can join us on the Clearing Call this Saturday afternoon, 1/17 at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern, only $48, to clear the limits – some that you know about and a lot you’ve never even thought of! – to your loving up on you and your life in the most luscious ways.

I look forward to hearing from you, about the new website and especially on the Call!

I am so glad you are here!
Life needs you being You, living luscious in your life, and the world!


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